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March 8th Lecture

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Erik Gunderson

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CLA 233 - March 8th Lecture
antony dressed like a servant in many scenes, lowly costume,
anti-roman values, antony's movement east is both literal metaphor ical, moving
east = getting soft,
east vs. west, eastern girl cleopatra vs. western girl octavi a,
plutarch's framing, everybody hates antony, commoners hate him because he is in
the way of them and money, nobles or aristocrats hate him because he is not
cleopatra leads antony around, gets him to do what she wants,
myt h and stor y of antony and cleopatra was being circulated even during their
own lives,
plutarch loves plato, plato knows four kinds of f lattery but cleopatra knows m any
bad things happen when you dress like a common person,
one last comp between east and west, also between man and woman, cleopatra
killing herself or wanting to,
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