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CLA260H1 Lecture Notes - Paul Bahn, Colin Renfrew, Baron Renfrew Of Kaimsthorn, Robin Osborne

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Ben Akrigg

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Method and Theory in Classics
Session 6: Archaeological material
Chapter 14 of the textbook has a decent brief introduction to classical
archaeology. Standard (and useful) introductions to archaeology in general
Colin Renfrew & Paul Bahn, Archaeology: Theories, Methods and Practice
(currently in its sixth (2012) edition).
Kevin Greene & Tom Moore, Archaeology: An Introduction (in its fifth edition,
It is possible to do far worse than Paul Bahn’s Bluff Your Way in Archaeology
(also published as The Bluffer’s Guide to Archaeology) (revised edition 1999).
More specifically on Greek and Roman archaeology, good places to start
James Whitley, The Archaeology of Ancient Greece (in the Cambridge World
Archaeology series, 2001). Covers archaic and classical Greece; there’s
nothing quite like it on the Roman side at present, unfortunately, but Ray
Laurence’s recent Roman Archaeology for Ancient Historians, is of some
interest if you are new to the discipline (though the illustrations are not good).
Older but still worth looking at:
Robin Osborne, Classical Landscape with Figures (1987) (on classical Greek
Kevin Greene, The Archaeology of the Roman Economy (1986).
Note the importance of archaeology as a spatial discipline (a point
made on page 179 of the textbook).
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