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CLA160-Lecture 1 (Bronze and Dark Ages) July 5, 2010 Mesopotamia and Eygpt is way more developed than Greece and they influenced the Greeks through trades. Ancient Greece was never a unified state but ppl belonged to city states aka never Greek citizens unlike the Romans. A lot of high elevated land in Greece, this plays into the dif. Cities and not a unified nation. Scarce land because of this and this causes a lot of fights. Also, makes it difficult for travel and trade, so they use the sea to travel and it's a big part of their culture and life. (aka Bronze Age) Bronze age-3000-1200 Minoan age-2200-1400 Mycenanaean age-1600-1100 The Dark Age-1100-800 Minoan Age: 2200-1400bc was the minoan age. We have a central palace where things get done. This development created in Crete was because it was an important port for trade. Mycinian have a more eastern influence than European. Minos was the king and he was the first to organize a navy. He also ruled over Cyclades in which he founded the first colonies therefore more civilized. He put down piracy to up his own revenue. 1900bc, Sir Arthur Evans: king Minos was suppose to sacrifice a bull to Poseidon but he likes it. Poseidon punishes him by having his wife fall for the bull. Later the king got a labyrinth to hide in or for the bull (?). Arthur found in the palace a throne room and he decorated it. They got the tools and design from the easterners who influenced them. Light-well a technique use to light a room. Shield was painted on the walls, clearly they find defense important. Bulls found throughout palace as well. Women are featured more prominently in this time and place than any other, outside of the domestic community view. Minoan snake goddess was worshipped (mother god), eygpt influenced because seen there. They are way more advanced and luckier than the main land because they do more trading even with eygpt because they found minoan traders on walls. Around 1450bc there was an end to the palaces, causes are said to be sudden like in reality. On main land it has become more developed at this time. Mycenanaean Age: Mycenae belonged to the argive plain. Heinrich proved that the poems of Homer were based on real even events, an amateur archaeologist. He excavated Troy and Mycenae. Shaft grave era 1600-1500 is a part of M
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