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Lecture 1: Minoan and Mycenaean

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Adriana Brook

CLA160H Lecture 1 JULY42011 (i) Dating BCE = before common era o Also, BC = before Christ o Counts backwards (i.e. Persian Wars: 490 480 BCE) CE = common era o Also, AD = anno domini = the year of our lord o Counts forwards (i.e. Reign of Tiberius: 14 37 CE) The name of the century is always one higher than the actuathdate in both BCE and CE o For example: Rome was founded in 753 BCE in the 8 century BCE There is no year zero it goes from 1BCE to 1 CE (ii) Greek Civilization (ca. 6500 323 BCE) Geography: mountains and oceans 1. Mountains: 75% of Greece; only 30% are arablegood for agriculture o Grows grapes, grains, and olives o Lacking in timber; leads to import of timber from other places like Sicily o The mountains are also good for raising sheep and cattle, as well as horses possessing horses indicate wealth and status, and allows one to join the cavalry (without a horse, you can only join the infantry) o Lots of mineral resources: tin, copper, and silver copper + tin = bronze; very useful in making weapons and such o Mountains also create barriers between city-states; cities are isolated and leads to lack of communication and disunity o People tend to live on valleys o REGIONS: Pelopponese, Isthmus (Sparta), Attica (Athens) and Boeotia (Thebes) o Geography contributes to Greeces greekness people tend to identify themselves more with their city- states (i.e. Athenian, Theban, Spartan); threats, like the Persi
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