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Lecture 7

Lecture 7 - Shifting Hegemonies from Sparta to Thebes to Athens to Macedonia

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Adriana Brook

CLA160 Lecture 7 JULY182011 Shifting Hegemonies from Sparta to Thebes to Athens to Macedonia th (Greece in the 4 century BCE) After the Persian War, Athens became equally powerful with Sparta Athens rise to power caused tension, which led to Peloponnesian War, and resulted in Spartan victory From then on, Athens went into decline, and never reached the peak it once had the empire was no more. Athens, no longer a player in politics Power switches to Sparta to Thebes, and then back to Athens until Macedonia took full control afterwards Spartan Hegemony Compelled cities to become oligarchies; building themselves a land empire Similar to Athens during the Delian League phase, when they tried to coerce cities to join the league Thebes, a Spartan ally, refused to help Sparta in coercing other cities into oligarchies Caused tension between Thebes and Sparta Thebes thought that Sparta was extending its newfound power too far Persians involved in Greek affairs They helped the Spartans win the war in the Peloponnesian War by providing moneyfunding Key players that drove Sparta into expanding and acting like Athens before its downfall: Lysander a general; helped convert cities into oligarchies Agesilaus Spartan king; went to Persia and c
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