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Lecture 3

CLA160 Week 3 Tutorial Notes

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Johnathon Burgess

CLA160 Week 3 Tutorial Notes Lyric Poetry - more personal - more condensed – small excerpts could be read without knowing the larger story - more expressive – mythological references apply to personal beliefs – epics are more about telling myths and legends - context is different from epics – epic is large public recitation – lyric is either symposiastic or occasional poetry - occasional poetry – at weddings, funerals, etc. – for specific occasions - different meter than epic poetry - choral poetry – choral context of lyric poetry can occur - not much lyric poetry text survival - nine great lyric poets – Sappho is one of them – even in ancient Greece, Sappho was considered great - Library of Alexandria – great librarians and poets come together under Greek king – Apollonius of Rhodes, a great poet and librarian - librarians – the first to class poets, composed list of nine great lyric poets - significance of nine – there are nine Muses - librarians were the first to divide The Iliad and The Odyssey into books - Theognis writes in a specific meter – elegiac couplets - elegiac couplets – first line had the same metrical form as epics - Sappho varies the meters used in her poetry – creates Sapphic meter Sappho - approach her biographies with slight skepticism - lived on the island of Lesbos, perhaps around 620 B.C. - lived in the same time as Alcaeus – he refers to her in his poetry as well - even in ancient world – reputation of being a lover of women - ambiguous information in her poetry - “daughter” Kleis – perhaps not her daughter, but just a girl she knew –
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