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Lecture 4

CLA160 Week 4 Tutorial Notes

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University of Toronto St. George
Johnathon Burgess

CLA160 Week 4 Tutorial Notes Darius - 490 B.C. – Marathon Xerxes - 480 B.C. – Thermopylae - 480 B.C. – sack of Athens - 480 B.C. – Salamis - 479 B.C. – Plataea Herodotus - born in 484 B.C. - ethnically Greek - from Halicarnassus, Persian controlled territory - subject of Persian Empire - excuses the Halicarnassians from Persian tactics - naval battle at Salamis – Halicarnassus provided assistance to Persians under their queen - many Greek poleis allied themselves with the Persians – Thebes - state of Argos stayed more or less neutral – were paid by Persians not to help the Greeks but did not necessarily help the Persians either – only by inaction Dialects - Ionian – spoken in Ionia, with a subdialect of Attic spoken by the Athenians – share cultural identity – reason for Athenian assistance in Ionian revolt - Doric – spoken by Spartans, Corinthians - Aeolic – spoken by the poet Sappho – less common dialect - Boeotian – spoken at Thebes, Delphi - poleis share cultural identity through shared dialect - basis – proto-Greek tribes before the creation of the city-state - helps explain why Athenians assisted the Ionians when they revolted against the Persian Empire - as revenge for the revolt – Darius sends embassies to mainland Greece – most poleis sent a token of submission - Sparta – threw the ambassador down a well in defiance of Persian Empire - Athens – put the man on trial, then threw him
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