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Johnathon Burgess

CLA160 Wednesday, February-06-13 Classical Athens: Sociopolitical Themes ˟ With power comes culture  Democracy:  Development of –  Geographic; not based on clan, demes (organised council)  Reduction of power of Areopagus law court  Mini aristocratic council w/ lots of power but then the powers were reduced to just courting murder trials  After 451 – two citizen parents required for child‟s citizenship [not slaves, metics (not citizens living with citizens), nor aristocratic from other city-states]  Nature of –  Leaders  Solon [Pisistratus]  Gave voting rights to the thetes  Political philosophy through poetry  Stood between aristocrats and commoners  Saved very poor from persecution, stopped debt enslavement  Boundary stones were used to mark land that was given up because of debt  Aristotle says Solon was first democratic leader  Was an archon  Cleisthenes  Demes geo political not clan based  Ephialtes  Legally attacking many members of Areopagus law court  Took their power and gave it to  Pericles  Took away power of Areopagus too  Institutions  Magistrates  Archon – particular duties not too powerful  Strategos – held most power in practice, 10 generals elected each year  Lot – people selected into office/juries by chance  All citizens should be ready to serve these political roles  Old Oligarch said it enforced bribery, and allows thieves, poor and radicals to win – but poor should have political power too  Pay – allows lower class to participate  Ecclesia – Popular Assembly  At the hill of Pnyx  meet 1/10 days CLA160 Wednesday, February-06-13  Boule – Council  Gathering of representative  Group of 500  Meets most days in Bouleuterion in Agona  Establishes agendas  50 tribes lived in Tholas and were on call
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