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Johnathon Burgess

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CLA160: After the Persian Wars Monday, February-11-13 1. Athens and Sparta after the Persian Wars a. Sparta: unbeatable army, protectionist foreign policy b. Athens: unbeatable navy, expansionist foreign policy c. Peace Treaty (445 – 431 BCE) 2. Alcibiades (450-404BCE) a. Cousin of Pericles – prominent politician of his time b. Moderate democrat; supporter of Athenian Imperial expansion ; anti-Spartan c. Beauty, charming (lisp), intelligent, but also sexual exploit (bisexual), carousing, unreliable d. Devoted to Socrates, may have been one of his lovers? e. Eager for war with Sparta, didn’t want peace treaty f. Connection between politics and society 3. Peloponnesian War (431-404BCE) a. Prelude to War(432) i. Athens antagonised Spartans and their allies ii. Especially the interfered with Corinth (Spartan area) iii. Alcibiades on the Potidaean Campaign (432) iv. Athenian siege of Potidaea lasts until 430 b. Stage 1 “Archidamian War” (431-421) i. Little direct engagement b/w two sides ii. Plague in Athens a year before war started (430), killing many including Pericles iii. Athens established base at Palos on Peloponnese (425) iv. After gains and loses peace treaty was established (421) c. Stage 2 “Peace of Nicias” (421-416) i. Wanted to resolve conflict with Sparta ii. 30 year peace treaty iii. Return of land and prisoners on both sides iv. Alcibiades established pact with 3 cities v. Joined Olympic Games to boost Athens vi. Athens annex island of Nylos (only Spartan ally) d. Stage 3 “Sicilian Expedition” (415-413) i. Alcibiades argued in favoured Sicilian expedition, to over throw Syracuse 1. To prevent them from joining Sparta ii. Just before the expedition, someone mutilated many Herms 1. Alcibiades convicted of the crimes iii. Alcibiades defects to Sparta: promised Spartans the keys to Victory 1. Counteract Sicilian expeditions 2. Spartans established army base at Decelea a. Home base for Spartan invasions CLA160: After the Persian Wars Monday, February-11-13 b. Cut off supply to Athens c. Athenians could escape to there iv. Leaves Sparta (affair with king’s wife?) e. Stage 4 Athenian Recovery (412-406) i. Went to Persians ii. Took refuge with Persian general iii. Promised keys to unlocking keys 1. Don’t destroy Athens, let Sparta and Athens beat each other
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