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CLA160 Week 7 Tutorial Notes

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Johnathon Burgess

CLA160 Week 7 Tutorial Notes Livy’s History of Rome - differences can be seen between Roman and Greek history - statement about methods Livy will follow - use of “decay” to describe their current society - previous age as being “better” – idea of “look what we humans have done” – civilization has corrupted - learn from the past – use of historical examples - title in Latin – AUC – meaning “from the founding of the city” – also the way that they dated things from the founding of Rome in 750 B.C. - wrote after a period of lengthy civil war - Romans basically under the control of a single man – Octavian “Augustus” considers it to be a restoration of the republic - Livy’s history might be welcomes – also about the age of glory and restoring the former grandeur of Rome - call-back to a better period – important – the idea of morality – Augustus’ ideology and social programs are all about the return to the ways of the ancestors - conservatism in Roman historiography - writing method and style – almost pure narrative in this case – even the speech of Brutus was not recorded – stating facts as the author interprets it - use of the “disclaimer” about early Roman history – perhaps of the genre itself – “more fitting for the creations of a poet” – difficulty finding information about that time period - parallels to Hesiod’s “ages of mankind” – theme of the decline through the ages – Roman version of the decline – a “fall from grace” - around the time of Augustine age – reversal – regarding ethical valour – more backwards to Roman virtue - id
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