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Lecture 16

CLA160 Lecture 16 Notes

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Johnathon Burgess

CLA160 Lecture 16 NotesKey Themes staround the 1 century ADafter the reign of Augustusemperorsthe good and the badsuccessiondomestic and foreign policyrelations with senatorial classpublic buildingsfunctions of buildingssocial and political aspectspropagandapublic profile of the emperorissue of Neros buildingcontroversial palatial complexEmperorsmaintain senate magistrates officialsbut they rarely had any real powervarious ways to choose a new emperorhow emperors maintained controlgoodbad relationships with senatorsmany public buildings were sponsored or paid by the emperorspublic appearances by emperorsAra Pacis as a religious and public buildingwith propagandistic iconographydepictions of Augustus and his familyidea of emperors The Good and the Badboth positive and negative aspects of having a single emperor as leaderalso dependent on the reliability and effectiveness of the emperor himselfGood Aspects of Imperialismpower of one single man usually as the end of civil war and bloodshedrelative control over the stateend of mob warfare in the streetsas well as loyalty of armies to a single general and not for countryempireextension and pacification of empirepax Romanastndpax Romanathe Roman peace1 and 2 centuries ADcentralized decisionmakingefficient end of mob warfare in the streetsmany decisions deferred to the emperorpeople could petition to the emperorremoval of checks and balances typical of the republic as well as personal interest getting in the way of the good of the republicimperial bureaucracy organizes the empireofficial system as lameparticipation of the people who are nonRomanbecomes more inclusive rdaround the 3 century AD rdearly 3 century ADcitizenship is extended over all inhabitants in Roman controlled areaseventually nonItalian emperors also ruleexample of Trajanstate of Rome as smallcontrol over much more territorynot many actual Romans in every provincemany soldiers in the provinces but not officialssmall government as not a good thingunofficial assistantsfreedmen or equestriansmany efforts to be popular with the people
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