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Jacqueline Brunning

Jan 16, 2013 Archaic colonization pt. 2 (Adriatic sea, north agean, balck sea, Africa, eygpt) - Earlier centuries before archaic period, Greeks spread mainland over to eastern side and cost of asia minor. - Movement of ioniansover to aisa minor… dorian Greeks swept down to peloponeese - Thuc 1.12.3-4 th o 60 after capture of troy…. Settle in boeotia o Settlements after Trojan war - Hes not getting everything right. He suggests colonies couldn’t sent out if theres no peace nor settled down. - In fact not the case… Greeks continually travelledi the midst…colonization perhaps sign that theres conflict taking place displacedgroups pushed out of their homes and seeking new homes elsewhere - Idea of traveling and relocating home was throroughly ingrained in greek culture - Ex. Two epic narrative iliad and oddessey…touchstone both involved long idstnce travel and contact wth different groups. (cultural) - Deals with similar episode of returns of hero of trojna war - Ojdseey is return and stories that’s now lost. - These stories dealt with travel and colonization - Reveal bigger picture of early acquantiance, long distance travl and colonial settlements - Later 8 C archaic colonization, escalation of activities already common among the Greeks. th - Population rises in 8 C meant more communities are spreading and sendig out colonial adventures - Population rise trade was important and money making enterprise- al mina - Erliest colonies are far west, this happened in the east as well - Due to pehoncians- sea fearing people o Facilitated many contacts and connection with egpt in far east incentives for Greeks to do the same thing o Island of Cyprus* since the brone age, it’s the key node- major trade connecting point for eastern trade to main agean. o Incentive taking to sea traveling away was to serve as mercenaries- king and for egpt. - Greek presence in east…. Nile Delta near Alexandria - Herodotus pharo Amasis really liked Greece and gave land for polis as community- serve as trading post and serve offering to their gods largest sanctuary was heleion. He said that the hellion was founde by men from ionia and group of durians and eoilions from Lesbos. Additionally, sanctuary to zeus, hera and miltos to Apollo. Patron gods for the home cities - Strabeo psammetichos I or II. rd - Polycharmus egptian historian from th period dates foundation to 23 Olympiad 688-685 - Eusebius settlement is back to 8 C - Evidence that one of sammetichos II likely candicdate founder farther up the nile (south) to nubia ABU SIMBEL famous graffiti and Anatolian expeidition for psam II. These soliers wrote heading giving details of expeidition. o Potasimto (psmameticus) and amasis charge of egptian sol.ider. o Written by archon with his ax. One the leg of the colossal statue o This is the monument relocated because it was flooding. Thus, they moved it few miles o Other Greeks who wrote their names were telephos, helesibios, python, pabis, anaxanor - These were Ionian mercernarie - Archaelogicst identified hanelion. Hellion is located in the top. Finds= greek 570 BC. Herodotus and straebo’s account was corret? - Greek habitation far to 7 C th th - Sanctuary identified 550 and hera goes to late 7 C (lower 600) - Groups of traders visiting and living before actually sat down and collaborated the helinion- project plan? But it’s a later structure after Greeks continually meeting at this site and decide to work on the project - Pottery found are different regional types from all over agean. - E temple hera - F Apollo - G caster and pallus - Exports* from egpty to bring back to Greece - Destine specifically for greek. - Egptian style staute, vase made to look egtpian but intended for Greeks* - Famous for prostitutes with lots of traders and sailors and sahhos brother brought freedom for a trhacsian o This hdt 2.134-5 o Imported pottery, slaves, olive oil and sought by egptian were timber and metal (silver) th - Westward was roots at cyrene #18: decree of cyrene created 4 C tells what later thought about their foundation and history- including the text of original foundation for cyrene. Have equal citizenship from island of thera. Bc they came over first as colonist - Apollo first to colonize. Key element in sending out colony expedition - Led this colony and group was formed of one son…each family on thera. This isn’t a group of men and women and children but just young men and sons taken by lot of each families. Theres no obvious kinship connection between men but just came from other city to set up farm - Group of men would work for 5 years. Uncessfull return home. If successful, once colony set up, families can join and receie citizenship on the land. If young men refuse to sail, they will be executed and land confiscated - Oath itself curse If you break it - Identifty, batos…. African name. cyrene must mixed up. Where founder from Greece had African name…? still some confusion Archilochus – not favourable words to the colonies. In fact good potison to comment because he was the colonist himself. Born on paros to citizen family and father lead a colony to Thasos. He went over 660 generation later. Gives information of Thasos and describ
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