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Gillian Ramsey

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festivals and belonging 4/1/2013 7:13:00 AM  Represent the solidarity of community worshipping that particular cult  Panegyris; community solidarity; town, tribe, cult association  Festival might collect exculsives of a cult called mysteries  Might be pan Hellenic festival; where community was only greeks  Some people were special participants; priests set apart from running cult committee; there were choirs dressed and practicsed for event; athletes obviously; and people recruited to assist with spectacles like displays etc;  Procession was a main part; people in group walking together through a special place; sacred ways; paths that guided like for example that with Delphi; might link a city to a sanctuary like Athens to brauron for example.  Dionysiac festivals; Dns; maenads girls who went in wilderness to worship Dns.  Athens has 7 Dns festivals every year; 3 had dramatic competitions; gives best evidence for Dns celebrations because of the huge amount of pottery in Athens.  City Dionysia; big dramatic competitions; being with a night time torch lit th procession; brought him from his cult centre at Eleutherae on the 9 of Elaphebolion (sometime in march); his statue carried in on a ship chariot a wagon; wheeled into sanctuary by satires with music (usually auloi) and sacrafice a black male goat.  Dns always shown with grape vines  The next day 10 thof Elaphebolion; grand procession; in the lead there was a trumpet player announcing gods arrival and a kanephoros was a noble girl carrying a basket with a food sacrafice especially grapes; alongside her was the chief magistrate of Athens; more sacrafices people carrying long loaf of bread on a stick, another brought a bull. All people dressed up in fancy robes. As procession worked its way through Athens would stop at any alter and dithyramb chorus would sing (Homeric epic themes). On the move people on the move would sing ruder songs about dns  Phallophoria; in days gone by Athenian men got a plague of stds; so a wise man brought a statue of dns into the city and they got better. They there after carried out giant models of their inflicted bodies in his honour.  Komos/ revel; revelers wandering through city singing and dancing to the auloi. People carrying pinecones on a stick.  Panathenaea festival; held in month of Hekatombaion; first month of Athenian new year roughly our august.  Citizens and non citizens could
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