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Lecture 5


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University of Toronto St. George
Jonathan Tracy

Egyptian Creation Myth – Lecture 5 Flood Stories (comparison) The Bible (genesis 6-9) Stories from Rome and Greece Tablet XI (Babylonian epic of Gilgameš) Eridu genesis (Sumerian original) The epic of Atrahasis (3 ) There are many contradictions in the Biblical book, which implies that the story was taken/put together using more than one source. Animals enter ark in pairs Animals come in sevens Water from below the earth Water from rain Flood lasts one year Flood lasts 40 days Similarities in the flood stories Someone builds an Ark and survives Get on with 7 relatives Land on a mountain Make a sacrifice for mankind to continue. Gilgameš Bible Date 1100 BCE 1000-500BCE Destroyer Enlil YHWH Warning Indirect order Direct order Reason Unknown Sin Cause Storm/flood Rain/fountain Savior Enki YHWH Period 7 days 150/40 days Destination Nimuš Ararat Fate Gains immortality Gains many children Hero Ut-napištim Noah YHWH = Yahweh which is the name for God in the Old Testament Review Gilgameš flood story  gilgamesh.html Egyptian Creation Myth Were recorded in different methods depending on the period Old kingdom – pyramid texts Middle kingdom – coffin texts New kingdom – book of the dead Ptolemaic – Papyrus Egyptian Creation Myth – Lecture 5 Atum = aged sun God, creator of God and Heliopolitan Creation Myth wore the double crown Before anything existed was the dark waters of Nun meaning he was the There was an egg, which contained life God of both upper and The egg cracked open lower Egypt A mound rose from the nun The God Atum (sun God) was sitting on top of the mound ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Atum loves himself Atum creates the air God Shu (sneezed him out) And the moisture Goddess Tefnut (vomited/spit her out) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- One day Shu and Tefut fell into the Nun and were lost Atum was sad and sent his all seeing eye to find them When they returned he cried tears of joy Those tears (remet) became man (remetj) ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shu and Tefnut come together to make Geb and Nut Alternatives Geb and Nut make children Someone was angry that Nut eats the children
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