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Lecture 2

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Jonathan Tracy

CLAA05 – Lecture 2 – History, Geography and Myth  In ancient times people wondered who caused something to happen, not why or how.  People wrote about what they knew and experienced.  Myths and religion were intertwined into stories Egypt From the Mediterranean – 2 nd cataract) Consists of 3 parts Lower Middle Upper Egypt has 2 “types” of land Kmt – fertile black Nile floodplain soil Dsrt – Red lands (desert) The Nile flows south to north Seasons Inundation (Aug-Nov) Nile rises Winter (Dec-March) Plowing planting Summer (April-July) Harvest and grain processing CLAA05 – Lecture 2 – History, Geography and Myth Great Pyramids  2500 BC Cleopatra VII  50 BC Today  2000AD Period Date Events Evolution of independent city-states Predynastic 5300 – 3100 BC surrounded by satellite villages Period 2200 years Each had their own important deity Well-organized cemeteries Hieorglyphic writing is invented (bureaucracy) Early Dynastic 3100 – 2686 BC God horus rises to power Period 414 years Mud brick tombs King Narmer unites Egypt Pyramid age Old Kingdom 2686 – 2181 BC Sun god Re is the principle state god 505 years Semi-divine kings Pyramid texts First 2182 – 2055 BC No centralized monarchy Intermediate 127 years Different areas ruled by different people Period No conventional texts Egypt reunited & centralized monarch restored Middle Kingdom 2055 – 1650 BC Worrior God Montu becomes important 405 years Pyramid building continue Fictional stories are recorded & coffin texts Second 1650 – 1550 BC Division and decentralization Intermediate 100 years North is ruled by Canaanite kings Period South is ruled by native kings Golden age Age of empire 1550 – 1069 BC Unification New Kingdom 481 years Amen-Re of thebes ruled as king of gods Daily life accounts of tomb builders were
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