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University of Toronto St. George
Susan Dunning

J "ffi.ff";ri c'o4 lz:'gr]r. ir-t ?sr ,,*rtldr^^ arcl. -> t-nb;r{,. ft-.,.A drr} tP-r?tA (r;7r! rr: ilL+ar: &T1it f a n',,'t *,lrirr, i:,,11 'f k_Zy,Lo- tn tbnsr A-t*'onf gv;1-;f; t-zu| jr;.t' t firtl;i'i;nr''s -fcr"'g Afe-,,x pg-ig;at ;-1ytio! "'} 'tv-- lic l^,.i*o', t&,-td Oc+ 3i "(il\'rrr" J t'trli3;rr, ftrvt r+r'sir rav4 r€irj;rn tort! r€t'itUierln fr.;tT' Ly'fiQn &:ifuc$Q; ezncf tiJlrx;c rJ l;cJ";t1' (i"^l dP3 il trul1xn ar: k (iry.c,1r,rr,n{fittt},(e/€,,({,.7 fgg,ot tt th tf -rn(i/'rf%r; inftrrJ;rg fl $1X-{ k+ r's;tla u:3,t'f.'iat 1'- 14 a "'' -'r.2--6.nt,}. /1,.C^!1. (a7-2.1.y'//fft,,.|.t!': ,' .r_{,. ' Sy'i't -' '^t-ttt,| ', :.a .'-i,,,r-,i,'(t/-rt-ref6'.t"r.G.p},t-b?: fin*ca'wX "CiulrzaXodryr*" o':lh "vt/tQivt'nr,f,i'-' orr.l rs$q'f,- fW*-"?16i1 g:rgq-77V/,{,ei ir' ifi1lrrfrtx;ry lnryW&, SOiiJag ;y?Orsa/Lta f(tT lTrn rtr,vZ5/,elt€:C/T/ Wlu-,i> frtlrznpf /a Gf,t#t c,Livtrfau>eg (zi^,-'^,'" 'rfi&*4{rL u*&, /u"- 6;[4.7ms,&+urrl*' fttlv,rr,&u lr"l;h Stpe-ti;.ta'.: & in F-llJFn ,1/.t",c.,1;- -Strz,n6e, S *f, al ni{,+ foa rfiurA -*:{r,ry'#u; kad" ta rrcl-*tr.tI"ra fcrlurrc- * lb-O rr,rrc..l',€16tgh') i,ir, thfr,;,rq t4rJir{,e,b/i-,-rtyr,i*'fl-gA iv t{3;O:rfih+ rQhlicrzs:h 'P &rcc5Si".€-atkry','ca *c i,,fir"1il,'o: Jy]: .rrrr.,r,-lh IL fahi{ ;3 r*/rrn> . trvt zyv:rrn-{ fcaorr""t-n) fi-aniS nt rtr d>l'* nlir5,Cef ftf.>rgr.^Q" 'f,-t1.::h t"A/A { tE-+,-Y-t- r-{- ,,&-s:. {cJ, {-"{fu.J'+ubtd ,r,1sr{:. fz6cn -,J{:t //it! LtrrtfrrlfO cnch:e*t ,"fap ;ry'u ;^ ?rn*r, ,l;r,4rc-foyrwr- 5,'.',il. - ;: , 14/ iT rjril+.P- J op; dte /-a$- r,p'd3 ,Xfr1,61,.-lf*;rl;t a/-:u:,b, rn ; /;tl o,nf, fbito-r-N cry."5'xrhc,it-, y16";/11r4ic;te rf ;ci: t,r ',t\'{rt'r l:ieirq;'-/1 , Cl*'* fttfi(f,+f,t i4 dr-f,}g, € g*,A(ip., , fu*, ir-.- ,,nnn;nS l(strn &eq, [,-,o:[rtng Gr=, yk,Stc,L I {trrlip; e,t.b:",[n, peSlessZ3 d gtr:so,o(cr'7^,,ry'ufo. f{t {urt /r+-/6,'s,Ml si&.tintem; a a761 6il*.r- {ytn -f ;,4yl;c-r,;a€j _ ftlra;6$7nh rlr:,# ftufj 4,0, o{rr oqiiyv'lbf {z,c.o{rm Wrwa- &n.n*./ n, ;rtAt+e,lkif.uj/cl,t"rxrr.:lorr,€-*,igr,) rjt*- &"fin"iv{(l-rt'n5 n #.rryre W ir*rw ,{t-;t;r* "elf,,clly t,inn,yp} ,ailL, 7yy.,iri a$ &r3r{, ffr,,fer &r-rr, {}to fLr,e|'ti:'kn Q". gfxt,lau t€sJ rp,rya, ) f,q,'t&e;rr r;:{5 {}ry{ irs k," 1rvfrr, 4.p, t*.ok *a */*, f,' GlAt r(rfi
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