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Susan Dunning

J crXf:i lrT,a iC fnbbtrc,l vi?.t-turCri (to,-rs-t(',t'crr'1c'/,?r{f ftrdive*cr.h.lie, a{ p:rrl li,Agn (r,rrf ftrrliit7t,s a; &wi.,'/ d-';{ir l i;,tHcr{ ,'r,n rbh # alyyl,cr, lyinrr) .st,"g t'. '. bnk-,'.,. ( m,rio) 6,,tf /o .2,l; (, ft.ltv &,rt;< r,tl,ct-' ,fiiit"e{w^ eii,* tic,r,ne I f+ i>: /7* ffi*l+t 7''nX- ff=//' ,Fittnn tr4,i tzYjr,-'i+5ri" a1f( *tt *e-'6{,1r,'a Pic#zgl 'JX'il''. t/'{p*^4 -(r<3t'i i {$r>}fag'lr'r \yrr*tii,n-i " {q}+,or- tt-,.*;qz rqSJ ( -€,-1;1,n:, CtJablo-tro*;L k:.rrr\ "!-imr t;{Q ti{tr--t(:^r'tirt/icrl l/,r,1ttY,a€. k rV{*e'relnyt bS ,Lfur, -t*t rr:"*1'-"$ [1,,4'1"*m*r,c]t.' taa a-w--rt flr ,i e.,i&ztA /5s 6^€J,4r"s - C"ttf.:yt-.i " (-tu4 rn:5t*o;:A [hJ"^j t CAptn{* *alt. ,4j,rr'lir":(,ntwx-W J/:c:}t3 |:selron fntp*TS ir9t>hor il",,r, ef;v41.,Q, ;i';ift{ i,';;k) fet&< l'irfi3f'r.,lLr'-4k$tt} d-tt &-'geli{x (rn-l6c'i) {o,rar..{;,"gne( ,itl*l Srotfi } *,r1. S&yt eAp-ni t7t€J ;, ,t-tplh,s*'Li':trt )71 - D';u,-,-i',',,'ts, 3\lt *,:,g;{t{iS (.tTfd,az-seLf;.7,,L1) F-r'hilr:r,;c't,:.t{|''dd?r!/-E[.,t_,6,juurlo ,J.V,e!- foir",*o crngi+:rl i!it3!,v",; {r--i1; GN.L- Qrm r^ ab.ij,hA. {-tz.T*t/ rrrrt;,'f lJrgr- ,&l:, (tn{ J,-rt rd?p- ft frrtra-/f*, ul"€i.i*C t*\,4i,, /,a,rSnC]? o{/, , r/r,r;C,u,fa dn *fiargr ltrrr t'/3 ctT.z-,lqtf a ,46 ',nst*=c,rli l;Jl-t-,,n |4 -.-':-.{",, 1llfu ,.;,J +bSi..! flt-ttw,rrxrs rJ,fP*-,, g"* //ati to"v^g*} t' i?z:trt-t'(8ILW 1LT-.e- ,tfir{toed ,4,r1 [email protected] a rAtx.rfgr( , y' F|Plir4a a k'6rnr,rrn&) y j,r7fcz)5rr; lr,V ,/i :if ry Crr' /trl/ : 5-,t4:i t*';} A,ixerrf c, :ir,,Nrt, ; i{pelf.i7-,4/it'4.A?-"r;cQ:rt;*h *n"":'i|t4/*r"*n 'ft tJ;ri,-'' L'&/11 +0c*e{;E- lfirr} , iltrnar^r, ;t tt'te$;t /Aci+"ll':fu-,;lt\r'ciY'tj c>h)*try{*:L/rz':,,r{f* *ti'- F"n :f /-,r;f61ririru-t{ tie; jr^c-e,t;*ryir-tg ol qotll, Sc [-* il,r]rrr: l?'rarin4,, t lJo.t(s't/fia rrin il ir/rfh*=.-l 'r{&r.{ g",Ja4 [4c11. fu2e]r,t>- k+, fu9, lLd af!,kd il /*,r',-f.twt ;ts 1.7sr,7t'z-oors, (w:i:: ' krir-+e Lr),.i(.{t/i(-Wi ;tt- Q$n *6y1ftt#fi..rLr*"y:,{,k- ,sl6ys riet,i,i^;:,' At/t" /l on' srt'itr1i5 F !IV=- lfis O"n rtlh,.. ,7,T;r-{€ !ifi.-r"li.n,.oi7 C ;1 trl;€" afri fro,r{e,rnw- c /r^i/e R,t Cf#1"* &t;e5&/ su|
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