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University of Toronto St. George
Jonathan Tracy

King Khufu and the Magicians This story consists of tales told by the sons of Khufu to King Khufu Story one: is broken Story two: is told by the 2 son named Khafre (which he learned when he went to the temple of Ptah of Ankhtowy in Memphis He tells the tale of a story which occurred in the time of King Nebka Webaoner was a priest His wife was having an affair with a townsman The wife had told the caretaker to set up a pavilion for her encounters with the townsman, the caretaker told Webaoner what was going on Webaoner sculpted a wax (ebony and electrum) crocodile which was 7 fingers long and told the caretaker to place it in the water when the townsman baths. After another encounter of the townsman with Webaoner’s wife the caretaker followed him and did what Webaoner instructed him to When placed in water the crocodile grew 7 cubits long and dragged the townsman to the bottom of the river Webaoner decides to tell King Nebka and shows him the crocodile When the crocodile is picked up it returns back to its original state (7 fingers longs) and inside the crocodile’s mouth was the townsman The crocodile was returned to the water and was never seen again Then King Nebka ordered Webaoner’s wife to be set in flames and had her ashes thrown in the river. The story ends with praises to the king Story three: is told by the 3 son, Baufre about a bored king named Sneferu One day King Sneferu (Khufu’s father) was bored and he told Djadjaemonkh Djadjaemonkh told the king to build a boat and have the most beautiful women rowing it The king loved this idea and started preparing He prepared 20 oars of ebony, rounded up 20 women, and got 20 nets He was very happy watching the naked netted woman rowing One woman dropped her turquois fish charm into the river by accident and was so upset she stopped rowing The king offered her a new one but she refused King Sneferu consulted with Djadjaemonkh Djadjaemonkh placed one side of the water on top of the other and found the woman’s charm and handed it to her The water was put back, the naked women proceeded rowing and the king was happy The story ends with praises to Djadjaemonkh Story four: is told by the 4 son Hardedf about an old man named Dedi Hardedf tells a story about a man who lives in their present time A man named Dedi is 110 years old and eats 500 loaves, one shoulder of beef and 1000 jugs of beer per day. He could reattach severed heads and tame lions. It also said that he searches for Thoth’s shrine. Khufu tells his son to bring Dedi to him Hardedf went on his journey and met up with Dedi (he didn’t look old) He invited Dedi to the palace and Dedi agrees to come. They wanted to see Dedi’s power so they decided to cut off the head of a criminal but Dedi said no (he wouldn’t perform it on a person) They brought a goose a severed it’s head and Dedi put it back together using magic and the goose was well. This magic was performed on a waterfowl and an ox Khufu then asked about the shines Dedi said he didn’t know how many there were but knew that they were in a chest made for flint knives in a chamber called the inventory of Heliopolis but only the children of Reddedet could lead him there But the sons of Redd
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