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Peloponnesian Wars

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Johnathon Burgess

CLA160- Lecture on October 14th, 2011 The Peloponnesian Wars - Athens pretty much controlled the Aegean - brilliant at naval warfare - Spent most money, in response to Persian wars, in building a fleet. - Athenian Empire. in control of the aegean, many allies on land and on islands. - Thetes were the “machines” - Sparta is dominant of the Peloponnesus, southern area. also Macedonia. - sparta dominated on land. - had perfected hoplite warfare - Trireme: Athenians. many oars, shaped to ram into other ships, etc. - part of naval dominance 431-404 - Peloponnesian Wars (divided into 2 parts by peace, in 421) - Athenians “win” the first half - “long wall” policy - key for the strategy of athens in the first half. relevant to their dominance. - spartans march their troops to Attica (land around athens), and all the citizens come into the city, behind the fortifications. spartans destroy land but cant get to the people - plague, death of Pericles - plague due to having so many people in one area - death made Sparta agree to peace treaty - plague made people ignore social conventions in a way - peace for 7 years in 421 - Sparta “wins” second half. (divided by the peace) Athens protected their city and their harbour. - need to receive food and goods - therefore they had long walls running from their city to the harbour. Athenians lose 2nd half: - disastrous Sicilian expedition 415-413. - athens helped sicily.. against Syracuse? - athens wanted to gain good allies there - disaster: terribly organized and implemented - oligarchic take over 410 (group of 400): thetes in fleet resist - Persian empire is still more powerful militarily/economically - athens and sparta are interested in making deals with persia - Oligarch
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