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Ancient Greek Archaeology

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Johnathon Burgess

Now were starting off here looking at parts of the Iliadapparently to get some idea of Early Greek Politics I dunno seems kind of a nonsequituranyways some minor character called Thersites is insulting Agamemnon calling him greedy and unintelligent and so forth and is promptly shut down by Odysseus Apparently well be comparing and contrasting the reality of Troy and the fable of itBut were going to go back to where we were last time to syncretism the joining of the identities of Demeter and Isis the readings apparently were commentaries on this by Herodotus and Plutarchbut apparently they didnt follow the spirit of it namely putting aside your differences but rather tried to determine which one had them first and which one copiedof course neither had it first they were independent and then mergedSowhat is the relevance of Egypt in this course Well by the Bronze Age the Myceneans were aware of the Egyptians and the Egyptians were willing to have some level of diplomacy and trade with them The Greeks were also quite aware that their civilization was thousands of years older than theirs and of course eventually it was conquered by both Alexander the Great and later the Roman EmpireLooking at a map hereTroy appears to be on the other side of the Aegean roundabouts Constantinople Going over Minoan cultureLinear A and then the Myceneans with their Linear BLinear A is still unknown but Linear B was cracked by a WWII codebreaker and proven to be an
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