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Greece to the 'Renaissance'

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University of Toronto St. George
Johnathon Burgess

Alright continuing from where we left off at Mycenaelooking at whether Mycenae would have actually done thisarchaeology and the Homeric epics line up in some respects for exampleboars tusk helmets have been found such as the one that Odysseus was said to wearThere are now painfully painfully lame sound effectsThe ruins of Troy dont seem to be too big and the ruins of it today are a mishmash of stuff from all sorts of periodsfor instance there is a theatre and at the time of the Siege of Troy theatre and everything related to it had not been inventedThe ancient name of Troy was IliumBack to Schliemann when he dug for Troy away from where contemporary scientists thought that Troy was he found Troys Multiple Troys about 10 or so So Schliemanns proved that there was a Troy Now the Troy of Myth could have been level six which was longlasting impressive and destroyed at the right time 1300 but seems to have been destroyed by an earthquakeOr it could have been level VIIa which was not as impressive and a bit late for the Mycenaeans 1200But would the Mycenaeans have done this sent all their best warriors to a foreign war around the time they were besieged themselvesSo to long story short there are epics of
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