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Polis Government

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University of Toronto St. George
Johnathon Burgess

Anyways some talk about the Greek colony Pithekoussai and more on the Iliad and the Odyssey The first surviving copies of Homeric epics come from the Medieval period a we have fragments from the Hellenistic period but not complete copiesHeading on to last weeks tutorial readings we read some of Hesiods Works and Days where he recounts some myths some farming lessons and his opposition to the emergence of organized societyThe island of Delos dedicated to Apollo was actually quite dedicated to him in reality as was Delphi At Olympia were the Olympic games and they were in fact dedicated to the worship of ZeusOh goody goody gonna talk sometime soonish about Hoplite warfare and the birth of the phalanxAah There is a quiz Next Monday It is drawn from stuff on the LECTURE OUTLINESThere will be a Fill in the Blanks b pointform three significant but independent pieces of information on the topic ie Spartan Government You may write up to 4 pieces of info and finally c TUTORIAL READINGS COMMENTARY You will be given an excerpt from one
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