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Peloponnesian Wars

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University of Toronto St. George
Johnathon Burgess

The Peloponnesian Wars were between Athens Sparta and their respective allies Geographically speaking Athens controlled the coast of the Aegean tons of islands etc Sparta had the Peloponnesian islandpeninsula Thebes on the other side of that and Macedonia to the north At the time the Spartans were THE dominant land force and Athens were THE dominant naval force This is in many ways why the wars lasted so long neither one could successfully engage the others strengthThe war lasted from 431404 Athens sort of won the first half after which a peace treaty was established in 421 which lasted 7 years after which the second half occurred and the Athenians lost The prewar conflict was sort of coldwarryAthens and Sparta offered shelter to most states willing to defect from their respective empiresWars well land wars anyways were fought in the summerthe Spartans would march up to Athens and the Athenians engaged in the long wall policythey would yield all the ground to the Spartans and hold everyone up in their cities until the Spartans went home Its called the long wall policy because there was a long wall that extended all the way from Athens proper down to protect the harbour so the Spartans couldnt cut off their supply linesThere
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