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Origins of Rome

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Johnathon Burgess

Okeydokey youre gonna get your test back in tutorials the week after next meaning the third next tutorial you have dont miss it cause youre gonna win itAlright were looking at early Rome where Rome came from and were gonna be looking at myth legend and archaeology until we hit written informationNow remember that the greeks were settled in the Italian Peninsula quite far back in time at around the tip of the boot near Sicily at Magna Graecia and further up the leg in the Campania region at Naples and so its understandable that the Romans adopted many things from the GreeksLooking at maps now theres the Gauls up north who gave the Romans lots of grief as time went onnotably in 390 BC there was the Sack of Rome by the Celtsand they never forgot the potential threat of the Gauls with Caesar initiating campaigns against them They are bordered on the North by the Etruscans and we must of course not forget CARTHAGE the colony of the Phoenicians that becomes a great city state and an empire in its own rightIn the early times there were around 40 or so Italic languages of which Latin was only one Just to give a quick look the Republic of Rome founded in 500 BC expanded to control a great deal of territory an empire in a regional sense if not a political one Partway stthrough the 1 century BC howeve
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