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Roman Philsophy & Writings

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University of Toronto St. George
Johnathon Burgess

One of the nice things here is that a hundred hundredandfifty years DONT have to be zipped throughCiceros Letters These are an amazing find We have hundreds of letters written across several decades to his lifelong friend Atticus his brother Quintus and innumerable important Romans They give a lot of insight into the gossip and personalities behind the figures and laws who we only have snippets ofThe letters of Cicero were apparently published at the time and even then was recognized at giving a detailed and multifaceted view of the history of the timeWe get Ciceros reactions to the civil war between Caesar and Pompeyhe was really afraid Caesar would become dictator restart prescription against his enemies as Sulla had years earlier Cicero agonizes over whether he should fight against Caesar or sit it outAfter Caesar won Cicero began to change his opinion of Caesar Caesar apparently spoke about Pompey with nothing but respect gave favourable appointments to former political enemies and his fears were unfoundedCicero as you saw in your readings had a scathing wit coming out with glib insults on the spot that were all the more stinging because they were and are legitimately funnyHe also gives admission wri
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