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Johnathon Burgess

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Dark Age Greece 1200800 BCHomeric question who is homer How are these poems composed What kind of historical questions can be extracted from themDorians invasion N Greeks who speak a Dorian dialecto Culture has unique characteristics and traditionsLinear B tablets point to limited literacy th No literacy to early archaic period 8 c BCSuggests dark periodCollapse of Mycenaean society settlements never rebuilt o When rebuilt they are on much smaller scale Population density much lower after collapse of the palaces Some settlements abandoned in the same period late Halladic period Pottery produced in subsequent period is at the level of household scale doesnt appear outside local communities Fits the notion of a dark age but can be construed Tablets from Pelos Linear B suggest palaces were destroyed Many possible explanations but chronologies do not match eg invasion of sea peoples attested to by EgyptiansClimate change Rapid short term change in rain fall crop failures etc Other suggestions of internal warfare between Mycenaean kingdoms
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