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CLA160H1 Lecture #3

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University of Toronto St. George
Johnathon Burgess

Early Archaic Greece and Development of the Polis Archaic Grk Old Referred to sculptural style which preceded classical period Everything elaborate about classical Greece was developed during the Archaic period Virtually everything important was attested to in an early form during Archaic period Where did the idea of the Polis come fromAristotle Politics 112 people organizing themselves along basic familial lines The king is a father figure for all the families that are under his immediate control Individuals are analogous to children or slaves they are a member of the Kings household Aristotle address this when referring to the Persians they are by nature slaves Greeks on the other hand are different They formed a state a polis And he who by nature and not by mere accident is without a state is either above humanity or below it he is the Tribeless lawless hearthless one whom Homer denouncesthe outcast who is a lover of war he may be compared to a bird who flies aloneWhat kind of bureaucracy existed in a Greek Polis Individuals meeting in the assembly No electorate No state Each man was a common citizen The Polis was just a privilege that everyone shared in equally Some Polis had a council of Elders attested to in various Greek Poleis in which one had to of had reached a certain age etc It was an elect status Colonization Estimated population quadrupled Denser populations therefore need to disperse Econo
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