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Minoan, Mycenaean, Dark Ages

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Ephraim Lytle

Minoan and Mycenaean AgesHellas 16001400 BC development of a palace society Historical chronology constructed on things other than direct primary archeological evidences oRelative chronologies Stratigraphic layers can be dated relatively Over time there is enough evidence in order to describe these periods Minoan Civ CreteoEarly Minoan EM 36502160 BCoMiddle Minoan MM 21601600 BCoLate Minoan LM 16001170 BCHelladic period Mainland GreeceoEarly Helladic EH 28002100 BCoMiddle Helladic MH 21001500 BCoLate Helladic LH 15001100 BCKnossos Minoan palace Most elaborate palace complex from prehistoric Greece or Crete Arthur Evans called them Minoans because he knew his Greek myth He was able to associate stories of falisophcracy to reconstruct his theories Bull leaping seal ring frescoes and gold artwork preserved to show culture and religion of Minoans as well as societal life What do we know about Minoan religion Nothing except for imagesMinoans were literate oLinear A gives us very little information about society because we cannot read it We cannot read it because it is not Greek Very little certain evidence to reconstruct Minoan society withLarge Storage Pithoi KnossosoLarge jars possible centers for food distributionoIf same Pithoi are found in middle east or on mainland it can be deduced that trade was a factor What happened to the Minoans around 1450 BC Why were the Minoans replaced with Greek speaking personsoCannot be known Theories come and go oMassive volcano Athera explosion deposited mass amounts of ash on Minoan Crete so that the Mycenaean Cretes could take over Santorini site of Minoan AkrotirioSite preserved perfectly Minoan pottery preserved until LM1AoMissing archeological phase at Akrotiri to have credible theory of volcanic explosionoProblem with theory core samples at bottom of sea show that there was very little ash at Minoan Crete No evidence of TsunamioRadiocarbon dates show there was at least 150 years between eruption and Mycenean Cretes at Knossos
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