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Lecture 6

Week 6 - Odyssey - Books 1-4

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Timothy Perry

Lecture 6 Page 1 Week SixOdyssey 14 Monday February 08 2010 Introduction to the Odyssey o Date 700650 BCAbsolute date of composition is not knownNot known whether it was written before or after the Odyssey usually thought to be the later contestedAlso not known if this predates HesiodDating is based on linguistic evidenceSeems that the Odyssey does use slighter later linguistic forms that the Iliad o AuthorshipComposed by the same poet as the IliadProbably notWidely accepted in antiquity that one person composed bothHowever there were a few dissenting voicesSame author view has been seriously challenged in modern scholarshipLong history as part of the Homeric QuestionFirst seriously questioned by a Wolf a German scholar in 1795Most scholars are now inclined to the view that the two poems were composed by different poetsAuthorship clouded by the oral nature of the poemsTheoriesHeld that the author of the Odyssey was a woman BUT this seems unlikely to be trueNo external evidence one wa
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