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CLA 310 L09.12 - Intro

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Susan Dunning

CLA 310 – R ELIGION IN THROMAN W ORLD S. DUNNING 09/12/12 SYLLABUS Discussion Evaluation: - Attendance and participation = 15% o Discussion participation is IMPORTANT - Midterm, 10/10 = 20% - Research Essay, 11/21 = 35% o Proposal, 10/31 - Final Exam = 30% **PLEASE BRING TEXBOOKS TO CLASS, ESP. VOL. 2** - What is RELIGION? o It is personal, not institutional o Belief is important to religion (… in something greater than oneself) o Some system of ethics o (Involves) traditions and rituals o Involves a figurehead o Incorporates a narrative to explain world/ afterlife o Communication with a deity o Promote human relations o Involves sacrifice of some aspect of oneself (e.g., time, resources) o Involves important (sacred) text o Involves a figurehead/founder - Romans didn’t have an official text o They have a collection of prayers and hymns - Communication through priests, prayers, being in a temple, sacrifices - Politics and religion go hand-in-hand in Roman times - Rome has no single founder of religion - Religion is open to change - Rome = Christianity vs. Paganism - Greek religion valued personal interaction with gods while Roman religion does not **SMALL EXCERPT,DISCUSSION - Gendered sacrifice - In performing sacrifice, pater gods were honoured (e.g., Mars Pater, Summanus Pater, Janus Pater) - There is a structure to days and locations for rituals and sacrifices - Gods invoked in rituals are specific to the situation that they are called for - Rituals are always BIG events - Sacrifices can be done f
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