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lec 7

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Yuriy Lozynsky

Lec 7 Peloponnesian war; 4 century BC Greece to the Macedonian Hegemony Avery momentous event (the Peloponnesian war) Changes the political landscape Sets the stage for 50 years later th 4 century in Greece ------ Lots of dates and numbers and battles Get the chronology of these Spot the major trends Immediate post war period between the wars Shifting hegemonies Hegemon= greek means leader Hegemony= to be a regional power Many greek states take turns having hegemony Athens will lose the Peloponnesian war But there;ll be a rise (a newAthenian league) Sparta will be out of the picture more or less Greek states will wear each other out Will open a door for Macedonia to take over Greece ----- Themistocles was a driving force behind the development of theAthenian navy --- Background info for the Peloponnesian war After they split after the Persian wars: TheAthenians formed the delian league Spartans = Peloponnesian league (strengthened their land power) Events that lead to the start of the pelopponisian war No need to rememver this for midterm: In 450s there was a small conflict (identified as the 1 pelopponesian war) The first bit of conflict In 451 decided to sign a 5 year truce The leaders were trying to stave off this big war as hard as they can The second truce in 452? Was for the next 30 years 457 the Peraius (major port forAthenian warships) Athenians 200 triremes massive fleet All housed at the Peraius In 457 theAthenians construct the long wall If there ever was an invasion ofAttica, could get to their ships, and so maintain their empire (have their fleet and bring in tribute) Thucidides Ahistorian Was an actual observer of the pelopponesian war First hand observer Understood the war fairly well Thought of a very realist historian This was the truce --- The Spartans and allies afraid ofAthenian fleet and power Athenians didnt want to budge --- 432 the megarian decree (the next major event) Megara was an ambiguous ally toAthens, because Sparta was interested in it as well In 440s or early 430s , was on the border ofAthens Bordered some sacred land (not supposed to have farmland) Sacred wars Various states would establish outsposts around the Delphic oracle The amphictionic league Alliance was to confine the territory around dlphi Maegaera starts cultivating this land which was sacred land Athenians say we will fight you off because its sacred land This land was right next to the attic border Pooolitical reason= Athenians sent embassy, the megaras kill theAthenian Athenians tried to isolate the area The immediate impact was tha t theAthenians forbid the megarans from trading from anywhere in the Delian league And cannot go ot theAthenian agora? Really underlying megaran economy! There were 3 megaran decrees It becomes a sticking point Who are the megaras go to for help?lp Becomes a new round of negotiations betweenAand S In a larger conflict In the meeting, They go to Sparta for help ask for h The Spartans claim to preserve peace, but the condition was forAto be less aggressive to their empire The mainAthenian statesman (just relinquish control of your Spartan empire) Sticking point= theAthenian empire: The Spartans want a to give up part ofAthenian league TheAthenians refuse --- According toAristophanes: Athenians are city folk Those who live in demes are country folk Whole celebration of a phallus During this play, Dikaiopolis becomes tired of not being able to trade atAthenian league ports Go makes his own peace with Sparta Makes his own agora Amegarian salesman comes to visit the agora, Megarans are starving Has two daughters, cant afford to feed him Con hDikaiopolis to buy little piglets (his daughters) So Dikaiopolis wouild feed them Etc. --- Sparta, while fearful ofAthenian power and wanting to do something about ot Sparta reluctant to go to war (afraid to go to war too much) Seemed to be aware of the scope the war was going to Take care, But the allies of the pelopponisian league pushed Sparta into it TheAthenians according to the allies of the Spartans Are enslaving all members of the delian league And even threatening to do war
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