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Susan Dunning

CLA310 October 17 - Household gods at Pompeii - Various household gods; not just ones from Pantheon - Can have more than one shrine or laraium or a combination of both - Only represent selected gods; personal choice - Lar – most popular at Pompeii - Worship gods with family ties - Caesar – Venus - Can have a physical shrine or painted or even combination - Laraium = modern term - Denotes area containing the lares - Foreign gods are also represented - House tombs = isola sacra - Private religion in public space - Commemorate the dead - Roman priesthoods - Pontifices: most prestigious office - Experts on religious law - Kept annals - Pontifex maximus = leader of college of pontifices - Only function as overseer; no authority over others - 2 century becomes elected office - 16 BC Augustus holds all major priesthoods - Vestals - 6 priestesses - Wear clothing of married women - Do not serve for life - Breaking vow of virginity = buried alive - Rex sacrorum / regina sacrorum (wife) - 509 BC takes religious duties of the king - Cannot hold political office – hinders political career - Only non-politician priesthood - Symbolic head of Roman religion - Negative connotations with kings – power passes onto the pontifex maximus - Flamines - 15 of them - Each one dedicated to a specific deity - Various restriction - Unpopular office -
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