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University of Toronto St. George
Yuriy Lozynsky

TUT 1 Yuriy Lozynsky (Yuriy= Russian/ Ukranian form of GEORGE) Will be marking our essays Specialization in Greek lit. esp. Greek poetry Please bring reader to each tutorial! Make name tag (paper on desk) for each time you meet in those tutorials. Talk a bit about the analysis paper Start reading (handout) 6 meetings incl. this one Read and understand readings before lecture and tutorials Classics (study of ancient greeks and romans though theyre 2 separate cultures and identities- 2 distinct peoples) We are focusing on literature Not about stylistic issues Also reading them as pieces of evidence Will be holding some offices hours after handing in your proposal Purpose= to improve your final paper Participate as if you had read and understood all the readings Aside from today’s TUT Each TUT will be a discussion group Aconversation amongst us (whereas Yuriy is only the guider or facilitator) Be prepared to be an active participant Each of us will lead a discussion of the text we will be covering Pick any text assigned (on syllabus) Pick at least 3 Email him There’ll be 2 presentations per minute Introduce passage briefly Then lead discussion Have a few questions prepared (that had occurred to you) Then ask the group those questions What he means by introduction Read the introductory stuff Text in italics= the editor’s important notes (read it) Helps summarize main points Author= Hesiod Work name= Works and Days 1. You can say if he’s Greek or Roman (this book is divided into Greek and Roman) The original of this text was in ancient Greek 2. look index to see if there’s anything else you can find about him 3. main works of this author, what kind of works he wrote (eg. poetry) 4. what this whole work is about (eg. search for info on internet) An epic poem supposed to be an agricultural manual (how to run your household) That was the intro Spot some questions Use them as starting points for discussion Try to interview the passage 10 minutes discussion per passage Will get you started on the method required for your paper ----These will all help with your essay and exams.---- Analysis paper: 5 pages double spaced (don’t go over) Not about quantity at all, instead is about quality Dig deep into the passage Argument= quoting and arguing about a passage Aka. Close reading (pay attention to everyting in passage and how it relates to the theme you are discussing) Also required to use 2 and only 2 secondary sources How to cite primary and secondary sources How to put quotation marks and cite them… And how to do secondary research Maybe he’ll make a handout for the above. st 1 part of essay process= proposal Brief= do not go over 1 page Write about what (1 and only 1) passage you’re focusing on (any from the reader, whether its been covered in class or not) Assign sth to discuss in class= cannot be passage you include in your proposal Tell him your thesis An essay must have a thesis stateme
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