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Yuriy Lozynsky

They go along a narrow strip of land The mountains Battle of Thermopoly Greek allies helped Held the for 3 days, destroys ppersian army 3 day Spartans and Thesbians defeated Simlutaeneously there was the battle ofArtemisium TheAthenian fleet driven off, but destroyed large part of Persian fleet Astorm hit which destroyed more of the Persian fleet Halted the progress of the invasion The next major event was the battle of Salamis Persians went to Delphi, captured Athens itself, destroyed acropolis, occupied the city MostAthenian population evacuated city and went to Salamis (wait out the war and see what happens) Athenians didn’t knjow what to do, asked Delphic oracle Youll find safety behind the wooden walls (should build wooden walls around acropolis and defend it) Themistocles interpretd it as (the ships ) to be the wooden walls Persian fleet was destroyed In the same year was the battle of Plataea (Spartan victory on land) The last of the Persian army was destroyd by the Spartan led army of the greeks Soon after the Persian fleet and whats left of army heads bacxk to asia minor The greeks (primarilyAthenians and some Spartans) go on the offensive and attack asia minor Defeated the Persians again This is the end of the cooperation between the Spartans and theAthenians At the end of the battle of Mycale theAthenians and Spartans disagreed Athenians wanted to continue attacking Sopartans wanted to go home That was the last cooperation for the 2 for a while ---- Pentakontaetia The idea of ostracisim Comes from the world ostrakakon Voted for ostracism Broken pottery used to write down the name Ostracism as an institution was brought toAthens to keep down corruption Used as a tool (if you had enough support lenient political figures would be voted out of the city) The thing about ostracism The person was to leave for 10 years, then come back Their property and family could stay Life resumed when he came back ------- Another important development inAthenian history Was the formation of the delian league The league was created 478 right after the Persian wars The idea was that with the fleet they were going to control theAegean and protect the greeks from further Persian threats and from piracy As time goes along,Athens was just one member of this league, had one vote Carystus island in the eastern Aegean, wanted to get outo f the league early on Athens forced them to stay in the league Threatened with military force Same thing happened with Naxos The delian league was not very democratic The common treasury and metting place of the league was on Delos Athenians removed the illusion that this was a collective league, and moved the treasury to Athens Other event in the 450 Where peace of Kallias was signed withAthenians (as representatives of the delian league) and the Persian king Persians would not go into theAegean sea Asia minor south where Persians would not go Delian league was no longer needed TheAthenians became more harsh Also increased the amount of tribute required And set up things called kleruchies( person in charge is called the kleruch) Amap of the place the delian league controlled Spartans and everyone else become scared ofAthens Picture of tribute list What the places were suppos
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