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Lecture 2

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University of Toronto St. George
Terry Robinson

Lec 2 Review: - Base is the core element in GrkLat from which a term comes from - Prefix and suffix are the elements that come before and after the base, respectively - Compound word a word composed of more than one base - Interconnecting vowel is a vowel, often o or i, used to connect bases Ch.1 - ALG = pain o -algesia = sense of pain; an example of a compd. noun-forming suffix (L5-6) consisting of an expanded form of the base ALG joined to the noun-forming suffix sia (L8) - ARTHR = joint, speech sound, articulation o Two connected but distinct meanings: the skeleton consists of many distinct bones separated by joints; similarly, speech contains many distinct sounds which our brains hear as separate meaningful units o Arthrobranchial = pertaining to jointed gills - Misprints o Arachnoidureterostomy o Labyrinthodont o Melanophore o Myriapod o Onychocryptosis Ch.2 - Enanti- seems to function like a base that it usually takes interconnecting vowel (o) before a base beginning with a consonant - TROPH- (nourishment, development) base distinguish from TOP- (place), TOM- (cut), TROP- (turn) Ch. 3 - ERG = work o Variant form = ORG o Georgic = pertaining to working the earth, i.e., agriculture or even the name Geroge = farmer - Misprints: o Periodontium o Amblycephalous Ch. 4 - ANDR = man, male o Distinguish between ANTHROP (human being, MF) o Difference between to philander (of a man: readily or frequently enter into casual sexual relationships with women) and philanthropy (the desire to promote the welfare of others, expressed especially by the generous donation of money to good causes) - Necrotic
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