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Lecture 3

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University of Toronto St. George
Terry Robinson

Lec 3 Review: - Bases are usually derived from Greek and Latin nouns, verbs or adjectives - Prefixes are usually derived from Greek and Latin prepositions and adverbs - Suffixes are usually derived from word endings in Greek, Latin or English to indicate a part of speech (noun, verb, or adjective) - Compound bases: o In every compound word constructed from two or more nominal (i.e., noun), adjectival, adverbial or verbal elements, each of its components stands in some syntactical relationship to the other components. When two or more words of equal rank are linked together, the resultant compound is called a coordinate compound Rarely made from English words (an example of one is farmer- labour) In many more English compound words, the several components are not of equal rank but stand in varying syntactical relationships to each other these are called subordinate forms E.g., toothpick, leg-plying, hard-headed it is evident in these words that the first element of each word qualifies the second element Descriptive adjective E.g., fleet-footed Direct object Leg-plying Where? What? Downtown building How? Sun-tanning Manner or outstanding characteristic Snowflake Chapter 5 - Compound suffixes that start with a consonant will be preceded by an interconnecting vowel because compound suffixes are really just bases and suffixes that have become so fixed as a single unit with a single meaning that they are easier to learn that way
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