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Lecture 5

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Terry Robinson

Lec 5 Review of terms: - Base is the core element, in Greek or Latin, from which a term comes - Prefix is an element that attaches at the front of a base - Suffix is an element that attaches at the end of a base - Interconnecting vowels are vowels that connect two bases together often o in Greek, i in Latin - Compound words are those with two or more bases - Coordinate compounds are when two or more words of equal rank are linked together - Subordinate compounds are words where the several components are not of equal rank and in which it is evident that the first element of each word qualifies the second - Ablaut is a stem vowel change - Bases connect with a vowel (usually i but can be o) - There can be many prefixes and suffixes on bases - Some bases will just add an e to the end (typical of Latin): o GRAVe = heavy o FINe = end - Latin and Greek bases, suffixes, and prefixes can be combined within one word - Learning etymology can help in spelling o E.g., exasperate = asper = rough VS. exacerbate = acerbus = bitter, harsh, sour To exasperate, annoy, irritate VS. to make more intense or sharp, aggravate o E.g., hypocrisy VS. hippocracy The second one means horse rulepower Greek plurals: 1. ma -mata o Cf. baseswith alternative forms in MA(T), such as SOM(AT)-, HEM(AT)- 2. Greek words ending in sis cannot easily take a standard English plural ending (-s); therefore, they tend to retain their Greek plurals o sis ses 3. on -a (and sometimes, -ons) 4. it is -itides (rare)
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