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March 2 Lecture

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CLA204 March 2, 2011 Thebes Lecture 7 Thebes and Troy: Greatest Heroic Cycles of Greek Myth -two main families of heroic myth (Hesiod, WD) -Troy and Thebes dominate the mythological tradition, esp. Epic but also fifth-century tragedy -vehicles for exploring domesticinternational problems -Thebes as anti-Athens, stories define Greek identity; Thebes and Athens were great rivals -main themes: parricide, infanticide, incest, madness, appearance and reality, loyalty to family vs. state Foundation of Thebes: Europa and Cadmus -Zeus (as bull) abducts Europa from Phoenicia (Apollodorus L1); he flies her off to Crete on his back -Cadmus (with brothers Phoenix, Cilix) sent to find her by father Agenor -Cadmus told by Apollo to abandon his search and instead to follow a cow with a marking and once there, found a city; ---Phoenix founds Phoenicia, Cilix founds Cilicia -Europa gives birth from Zeus to Minos, Radamanthes (judge of Hades), Sarpedon (killed in Troy) -Cadmus sacrifices cow and sends men to get water from the spring of Ares Cadmus and the Serpent -Cadmus seeks water for a sacrifice -Spring of Ares guarded by a serpent -Cadmus takes teeth, sows them in the ground, his men are all killed; teeth turn into men who create Spartoi -five Spartoi left over, found royal families of Thebes: Echion, Oudaios, Chthonios, Hyperenor, and Peloros -Cadmus marries Harmonia, daughter of Ares and Aphrodite -Cadmus is exiled 8 years for killing snake myth of autochthony (born from earth) -Harmonia gets a wedding necklace from Hephaestus; Harmonia represents shame, product of mothers immorality -Hephaestus necklace contains poison from Hydra, Gorgon eyes etc. and is cursed -every bloody event in the saga is a curse from the necklace Dionysus -son of Zeus and Semele, born from Harmonia and Cadmus -Hera convinces Semele to ask Zeus to see his true form and Hera gets her revenge Actaeon, son of Autonoe -Autonoe is another daughter of Semele -Actaeon was a great hunter and was devoted to Artemis and saw her bathing by accident one day while hunting with his dogs, she turned him into a stag, his dogs ate him Pentheus -born of Agave, another daughter -he resisted Dionysus and his cult; Pentheus is destroyed by the Maenads; represents sparagmos, tearing apart -Ino, another daughter of Cadmus, throws her son Melicertes into the ocean and they are both transformed into constellations Amphion and Zethus -Antiope (daughter of Nycteus) seduced by Zeus (disguised as a satyr), impregnated and flees out of shame, Nycteus instructs his brother Lycos to punish Antiope -Lycos brings Antiope back from Sicyon, gives birth to twin sons who are abandoned; Amphion and Zethus raised by shepherds outside Thebes -Zethus becomes shepherd, Amphion learns to play the lyre -Lycos and his wife (Dirce) torture Antiope, she escapes to hills, finds her sons miraculously -sons kill Lycos and Dirce; Thebes re-founded; Amphion raises walls with music
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