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March 30 Lecture

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University of Toronto St. George

CLA204 March 30, 2011 Rome and Aeneas Lecture 10 I. Roman Myth th -4 C BCE Greek arts traveled to Italy after the fall of Athens A. In General: -no divine myth, equivalent to legends -little is historical; mostly intended to elicit support for social practices -modeled on Greek myth -Roman gods not originally anthropomorphic -not many roots in history, more propaganda, Aeneid; reinforce lawsideasculture of Rome B. NuminaSacrificium -native Italian divinities were personifications and strictly limited to their functions -A Numen (nuo nod or give assent); inhabits a thing and makes something happen, good or bad -Sacrificium was a legal transfer into the ownership of the numen the holder of the thing inhabited and the sacrificer -Janus; god with two faces, of passage, marked boundaries and bridges; had a temple in the Roman forum door open when there was war, closed when there was peace unique god C. Roman Pantheon -Jupiter (Jove): sky god, equivalent of Zeus (father sky)- more like fate to the Romans; his word is reality, future of Rome -Juno: head of gods, equivalent of Hera; oversee female divinities of her household -Ceres: wheat goddess, equivalent of Demeter -Diana: Roman Artemis, associated with woods, fertility, childbirth -Mercury: equivalent of Hermes; name means commerce, mercantile -Vulcan: god of volcanic, destructive fire, equivalent to Hephaestus; retains destructive character (builds shield for Aeneas, same as
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