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Lecture 2

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CLA204 Lecture 2 May 18 Historical context N What precedes the age of Hesiod N 1 age that we start seeing mythical activityliteral is early and middle bronze age N The Minoans in Crete are named after king Minos who was the king in Crete N They were a power-centered civilization N They were a THALOSSOCRACY N Arrangement of the rooms represents a labyrinth (a maze) N Z ZZ N ZZZ N 2 age - Late Bronze Age (Troy) with Mycenaeans, their king was Agamemnon N They were war-like people N They wrote in Linear B N 3 age - Dark Age maybe got invaded, maybe by Hercules N But in Euboea (island) there was no dark age. N There were traders called Phoenicians N P. were a Semite people, they were sailors N Maybe it was them who brought P. writing from Egypt to Euboea (Cuniform) N This developed into the greek alphabet, and then it spread from Greece to rome and elsewhere N ZZbic. You had a letter for a sthnd. It opened up huge possibilities for writing N 4 age Archaic Age the polis emerged, government, democracy, citizenship, big move forward for modernity, emergence of literature (Homer was first) N Sympotic culture symposium was created. All aristocratic men of a polis would come to these parties, drink wine, enjoy company of young boys and hetairai Hesiod N Herodotus tells us that Homer and Hesiod gave the greeks their gods N They are foundational texts for the study of of the ancient world N Lived around 700BC N First poet with a social context N Writes to his brother because his brothers screwed him out of his inheritance
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