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Lecture 12

CLA204H1F Lecture 12

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University of Toronto St. George
Jarrett Welsh

CLA204H1F L12 Nov 29 2012 o Fascination w grim grotesque dead Last lectureCharacteristic of Ovids stories ex Heads talking after being cut off The ArtistPpl at foreground on far leftaverting eyes frommonsterSame ppl at far rightcelebratingPerseus o Top right abot to rescue Andromeda o Middle about to slay the monster o Bottom right celebratingTechnique called Continuous narrative artist represents multiple episodes of a story o In a nonlinear snapshot way o Ovids narrative is similarly jumpydoesnt necessarily go forward from beginning to end has flexibilityallows him to emphasize or underuse themesLecture Topics1 Ovid and the Metamorphoses6 TheseusProcrustes 2 Ovidian strategies in the story of Perseus Redfigure stamnos Theseus and Procrustes o Or how do you tell a myth The Kleophrades Painter o Themes of change adaptation Ca 490480 BC 3 CeresProserpina London British Museum E441Trustees of the British Museum 4 Wrapping upOvid how he retold traditional tales This lecture is about opening up new possibilities Ovid MetamorphosesTonight were looking at the personality of a storytellerOvid Publius Ovidius Naso 43BSAD 1718 and how this indiv made use of the stories beginning of Roman empireKleophrades painter o So he lived at the beginning of an era of peace o Theseushis 6 local deeds ideas about civilizationThe Metamorphoses Transformations before AD 8superiority vs barbarianism o Morphoshape appearance o Possible to look at this perspective in a dif way seeThe nature of the Metamorphoses what he found interesting what changes he made o A narrative epic poem in 15 books Bu doesnt present usual epic heroes ex More of Kleophrades works AchillesHeraclesNemean lion Delphic tripod oracleUnusual narrativeepic qualityHow do we use these stories to understand theSpecificthematic collection about personality of an artist transformationso Emphasizes mythological stories of transformations Perseus Freeing Andromeda 1510 or 1513Opening lines of the poem1500 yrs after Ovid by Pierro di CosimoeccentricMy mind intends to tell of forms changed antisocial preferred company over his own mind into new bodies collection of weird plants fascination w weird thingsThese change of forms drive the poem forwardCentre sea monsterlarge not possible to find a moreMaking specific selection of stories w a bizarre or fantastic sea monster than this one reptilian particular theme to guide the poem along limbs dog face fancifully curving tail 2 jets of water o Narrative transformations figures turned to trees streaming out of its noise directed toward Andromeda as well as literary transformations changing stories by recasting them not simply epicHomericAndromedabound to some rocks tied up to dead treeShiftsevades our grasp when possible to do trunks almost waiting fearfully to be eaten off so colouring doesnt look healthy very grey alreadyAspects of change adaptation in the poem looks deado Doesnt seem like the Andromeda Perseus fell for at Some fundamentals Qs first sight o Morbiditychangeadaptation 1 Changes to the narrativeCelebration scene at right o What new details does Ovid add to a story o Andromedaclapping like a fool grey looks like a o What does Ovid omit or suppress from a story zombie
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