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CLA204H1 - Lecture 02 - Myths of Creation - Uranus, Cronus, and Zeus.docx

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University of Toronto St. George
Vichi Ciocani

1 CLA204H1 – Lecture 02 – Myths of Creation: Uranus, Cronus, and Zeus Wednesday, January 9, 2013 - Religion = an intrinsic part of culture - Greek mythology: o Doesn’t have beginning or an end o Is a system that tends to be coherent - Today’s lecture: Greek version of the creation of the world - NB – 8 century BC o Homer  Recorded Greek myth  Poems were interested in particular myth stories  the Trojan War and the events following it o Greek alphabet Hesiod - Lived ~ 700 BC - Originally from Ascra, a small village in Boeotia, the region west of Attica (main city in Boetia = Thebes) o Ascra – village of the famous Mt. Helicon - Wrote: o Theogony – concerned with genealogy, origin of the gods, deals with the creation of the world o Works and Days – interested in, for ex., why humans work to survive - Creation myth tries to give an explanation of the underlying substance of the world o Synchronic presentation of what the world is rather than using the chronological order Invocation of the Muses - Muses = omnipresent in Greek literature o Early literature, starting with Homeric, and other archaic literature of Greece makes reference to the Muses - (quote on slides) o Hesiod presenting poem by Muses; he met them as a shepherd - Many things happened in the mountains, mainly involving the gods - Helicon = the symbol of poetry + the Muses The Muses - Daughters of Zeus and mother of Mnemosyne (“memory”) o Muses = connected to museum - Born at the foot of Mt. Olympus (dwelling place of the gods), called Pieria o Muses  Pierides o Connection between the location and name of a person - Greek word “mousa” = etymologically related to the English word “mind” - Various traditions about them. In one version. In one version, they were originally three: Melete (“thinking”), Mneme (“memory”), Aoede (“song”) 2 9 Muses – connected to fields of art Calliope, epic poetry Cleio, history Urania, astronomy Thaleia, comedy Melpomene, tragedy Polyhymnia, religious hymns Erato, erotic poetry Euterpe, lyric poetry Terpscichore, choral song and dance - Hesiod… Theogony’s account about the creation of the universe “CHAOS was first to appear, then GAIA, Earth, the broad-bosomed, Unshakable base of things, then TARTARUS, windswept and dark Deep in the caverns of broad-wayed earth.” - Creation of chaos  Gaia (goddess Earth, holds Tartarus) o Tartarus – underworld 3 - Gaia isn’t separated from the earth, but is rather a part of it “And EROS, the fairest Of all immortals, arose, who frees us all from our sorrows, But ruins our hearts’ good sense, breaking the wisest intention Of gods and morals alike.” - Chaos  Gaia Tartarus Eros o Eros:  Primordial god  Same “eros” used in philosophy  Idea of principle that unites and mingles things in the world  2 types: abstract + concrete (more amorous in Greek poetry) “From Chaos came EREBUS, darkness, And NYX, night, mother of AETHER, radiance, and HEMERA, day; These Nyx conceived by uniting with Erebus, gloomy and somber.” Hesiod, Theogony 116-125 - Chaos  then came: o Erebus – darkness Unity of Erebus and Nyx o Nyx – night, mother of Aether + Hemera (because of Eros) o Aether – radiance o Hemera – day Gaia’s offspring through parthenogenesis, “virginal birth” 4 “The first of the children of GAIA, equal in size to herself, Hiding her body completely, was URANUS, star-studded heaven.” - Gaia makestchildren via parthenogenesis (born out of non-sexual union) o 1 – Uranus  Gaias’s main partner  God of Sky  o Myth came before Greek myth o Bore Mountains, Pontus  All born without the “pleasure of love” “The blessed gods needed soldier ground to support their feet; She bore long ranges of MOUNTAINS, pleasant haunts of immortals. PONTUS she bore
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