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CLA204H1 - Lecture 08 - Athena, Goddess of Athens (Roman Minerva).docx

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Vichi Ciocani

1CLA204H1Lecture 08Athena Goddess of Athens Roman Minerva Wednesday January 23 2013 Athenathe most important in the sense of definition of Greek culture o Mostly represents Greek culture with centre being in Athens o Minervaetymologically related to mind o Athenaderived word from Athensnot the other way around sto Athena in Mycenian text 1 word of GreeceAncient goddessso identified with the city dont know where it was originated fromOpposes Ares Poseidon and AphroditeCooperates with Hephaestus he is a craftsman she creates clothes pottery and ships and with Hera virgin and married woman o Athena creates ship bridle for horsechariotChariot from AthenaHephaestus o Athena cooperates mostly with HephaestusHera doesnt interact much with other gods Hermes etcProtects most heroes Theseus Odysseus Perseus Heracles Athena o Controls drives represented by Poseidon o Goddess of strategy opposed to simple desirewar like Ares o One of the virgin goddess along with HeraArtemisEternally virginopposes Aphrodite o Goddess of warsea kind ofShows opposition between Athenaother gods geographicallyThracefar north uncivilizedMacedonianot really a Greek countryCytheaCyprus too far eastAphrodite originates from near eastern placesAres AphroditePoseidonstrategically placed further from margins of GreeceAthenacontrols some natures of these gods Poseidon completing with Athena for Athens and AtticaPoseidon strikes a rock with his trident and a saltywater spring comes outAthena offers the olive tree o People chose Athena because of her olive tree giftAthens o Most naval power of Greece o Strong because of tree ramps shipsUnconquerable in naval battles o Connected to sea but isnt in destructivenatural way
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