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Vichi Ciocani

1 CLA204H1 – Lecture 05 – Hephaestus and Ares Wednesday, January 16, 2013 Other offspring of Zeus: Hephaestus, Ares, the Fates, the Horae Zeus and the twelve Olympians (the Pantheon) Cronus and Rhea’s offspring: Zeus Hera Hades Hestia Poseidon Demeter And gods children of Zeus (with the exception of Aphrodite) Athena Apollo Aphrodite Artemis Hephaestus Hermes Ares Dionysus - Hephaestus + Ares: o Play imp roles in Greek myth o Sons of Zeus + Hera Zeus and Hera’s children Eileithyia – goddess of fertility Hebe: - Goddess of youth; Greek “youth”; ephebe – young man - Cupbearer of gods in Olympus - Associated w/ Ganymedes (male cupbearer of gods) o Ganymedes (Trojan prince) abducted by Zeus, who fell in love with him  Zeus granted him eternal life + youth Hephaestus Ares - *Must figure out how social realities + myth work - Rape = frequent in erotic science (ex. like Ganymede + Zeus) - Greek (pedereste?): o Describes social morality in Greek + world, mostly described in Athens + Athenian literature o Older man (30-40 yro) has erotic relationship w/ younger man (teens-20s)  Unequal relationship (sexual/not)  Solutions to unequal relationships: o 1) Marriage – Greek monogamy  Theoretically women stays w/ husband o 2) Philosophy  For homosexual relationships  Relationships between teacher + student nd  Relationship: ≠ based on failure; = chaste - 2 part of Ganymede story: abduction o Ganymede willing to go w/ Zeus?  Images of: 1) eagle taking Ganymede; 2) Zeus disguised to seduce him o Concern of consent o Rape scenes show up in context of young men/women w/ no sexual experience  1 sexual experience of man/woman ≠ consenting Hephaestus (Roman Volcanus) - Greek myth = sys filled w/ cross references - Know Hephaestus from Pandora story - Hephaestus = god associated w/ volcanoes places which have volcanic activity, like Sicily + Lemnos (island most associated w/ Hephaestus in Greek geography) o Metallurgists of gods  Uses fire in creative mode; uses it to bend iron + create artifacts 2 o God of sure + son of Zeus  Fire ≠ fire of thunderbolt, but comes from earth; creative fire o Myth: Hera ≠ like him (b/c he = ugly/lame) + threw him out of Olympus  fell in ocean  saved + raised by Nymphs (same way as Zeus was raised by Nymphs)  May have been lame before he was thrown out of Olympus/after o 2 love affairs: Aphrodite + Athena o NB – Greeks needed stories to understand realm of Hephaestus w/ realm of other gods st - Hephaestus = craftsman + creation of 1 woman o ∴ Hephaestus often accompanied/associated w/ Athena  Athena = goddess of clothing + pottery,∴also creative 3 - Hephaestus his Zeus’ head w/ hammer  Athena’s birth - NB – Succession myth + fear of the overthrowing of Zeus of eldest son o Each god incorporates aspects of Zeus, but have limitations  of overpowering Zeus  Hephaestus’ limitations – lame, ugly, unsuccessful love affairs  His limitations of overthrowing Zeus - Hephaestus creates bonds/chains used on Prometheus - Hephaestus = creator of artifacts complete life, whereas Zeus blows life into creatures - Hephaestus cast out of Olympus  grew up in cave hidden in ocean  wanted to avenge himself again
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