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Claesson Welsh

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Artemis Goddess of the wildness: !493L,%K0743L89708841:LO3L2,O8 - Sister of Apollo - Never falls in love - Devoted to hunting - Chaste virgin - Huntress: golden arrows rejoicing in the chase - Both Hymns show the different areas of worship of Artemis NOTE: Mainland hymn (Delphi vs Asia Minor (meles, Smyrna, claros) Mainland Hymn: no reference to the city Asia Minor: very likely composed of the Asia minor Birth of Artemis and Apollo: - Artemis: Goddess of Childbirth o Artemis and the deaths of women o Assists in the birth of her brother o Punished swiftly to anyone who she believes has betrayed her Fail to meet her standards not going to turn out good o Some of the cult-titles: 4.K0L,$K0419K0.KLO-0 .4:749745K48:780419K04:3J
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