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Betsy Bennett Purvis

May 17, 2013 CLA201 Classical Mythology WEEK 3 Anthropomorphic Gods Are Not Role Models Artemis and Acteon (211-4) Artemis is pissed that a mortal man has seen her naked that she punishes him, because he was hunting when he did this she turns him into a deer and his hunting dogs tear him to pieces. Virgin goddesses=Hestia, Athena and Artemis Zeus and Hera Hera=goddess of marriage. Constantly fighting cuz Zeus is always cheating. Slept with 115 diff women (slide isn’t imp) • Zeus + Hera = Hebe, Ares, Eileithyia • Zeus + Metis = Athena • Zeus + Themis = Seasons, Order, Justice, Peace, Fates • Zeus + Eurynome = Graces • Zeus + Demeter = Persephone • Zeus + Mnemosyne = Muses • Zeus + Leto = Apollo and Artemis • Zeus + Maia = Hermes • Zeus + Semele = Dionysus Zeus and Leto (159-61) Leto gets pregnant with twins, cant give birth to baby because of Hera, has nowhere to go, she goes to island of Delos, which used to be an island that floated around wasn’t fixed to one place. Held on to palm tree while giving birth, first god Apollo, then the island no longer moved and then she goes to another island and gives birth to his sister Artemis. Zeus and Io (330-4) Zeus appears to her as a cloud of mist, cuz he doesn’t want Hera to see, Hera sees this only spot of mist and goes down to investigate, Zeus decides to turn Io into a cow. Hera knows what’s going on so she asks for the cow as a present. Hera puts her under guard by Argus, who has many eyes. Zeus wants to save her and turn her back into a human so he sends Hermes who goes to Argos and plays a lullaby on a harp and tells him a story Argos is so enchanted that all his eyes fall asleep at the same time so Hermes frees Io, Hera sends a giant fly (mosquito) Io is chased all over the world for years, she ends up in Egypt, Zeus churns her back into a woman sleeps with her and Io gives birth to a boy who will eventually give rise to Hercules. Motivated by lust. Ganymede (143-6) Zeus was just as interested in boys as women. In the form of an eagle he whisks Ganymede away and makes him the boy who pours wine for him and he rewards him by living in Olympus as an immortal. Idea of relationship btw younger and older man was not looked down upon. It was common that when a boy was beginning to be grown up he would be taken under the wing of an older man who would help him make connections in return for being his lover. May 17, 2013 Hera Uses Her Womanly Charms (Iliad 14, 139-41) Hera on side of Greeks, Zeus on side of Trojans, Ganymede is a Trojan. Hera’s plan is to take away Trojan commander, she goes to goddess Aphrodite, who gives her a belt that has seductive powers, she goes to Zeus they have sex in a meadow he falls asleep she goes to whisk away Trojan commander (Lord Hector) so that his army will panic cuz Zeus is distracted. When he wakes up and finds out he is furious. Cassandra and Apollo (167) Cassandra is from Troy, she works in a temple attending altar pouring, praying Apollo falls in love with her appears in physical form and asks to sleep with her. She says ok but I need a gift from you and he says if you sleep with me I will give u a gift of prophesy, then she says she won’t fulfill the promise after he gives her the gift of prophesy so then Apollo curses her so that no one will ever believe her with what she says for ex. she says don’t bring the Trojan horse inside etc and no one listens. Apollo and Daphne Daphne daughter of one of the river gods. Apollo angers the god Eros the god of love and physical attraction. Apollo and Eros get into an argument, Eros has a bow that makes ppl fall in love while Apollo’s bow is used for war. Argos shoots Apollo who falls in love with Daphne and then shoots Daphne with the arrow that makes her find him repulsive. Daphne prays to her father to take away her beauty, her father turns her into a tree as she is running away from him. Apollo decides to makes her his sacred tree (laurel tree). Victors win crowns of laurel. The song of Ares and Aphrodite (176-9) (Demodocus, Phaecians) Demodocus is a blind poet during Odysseus' stay on Scherie, Demodocus performs three narrative songs. Phaeacia—was a region in Greek mythology, first mentioned in Homer's Odyssey as the home of the Phaiakians (Phaeacians) and the last destination of Odysseus in his 10-year journey before returning home to Ithaca. Homers Odyssey, basic plot, was Odysseus takes 10yrs to get back to his own island, he’s washed up on shore, taken in by ppl, who welcome him into a palace, in honour of the guest theirs a feast, during the feast the song of Ares and Aphrodite is one of the songs the entertainer tells. 1 story during the feast Demodocus sings about the disagreement between Odysseus and Achilles at Troy. Everyone enjoys the singing except for Odysseus who bursts into tears because of the pain and suffering the song reminds him of. The middle story Demodocus sang of the love between Ares and Aphrodite. Hephaestus was Aphrodite’s husband and found out about the affair because Helios told him that he had seen Ares and Aphrodite lying together. Finally the 3 song Demodocus sang of the Trojan horse and the sack of Troy. Again, Odysseus weeps uncontrollably and is able to hide it from everyone except King Alcinous who ends the singing and asks Odysseus who he really is. After Odysseus tells king Alcinous and his court the story of his adventures after the Trojan War, the Phaeacians take him to Ithaca on one of their sophisticated ships. May 17, 2013 Hephaestus (148-9, 172-5) He’s hunchbacked, and walks with a limo, considered ugly. Hephaestus was born from Hera without the help of Zeus, he is always seen as deficient to the other Gods, he excels in smith work and is famous for making shield ex for Achilles. Hephaestus even from the mortal perspective is not the most popular god. Homer tells two different stories abt how he was pushed off Olympus. One story tells that Hera pushes him off simply cuz she sees him walking around and his limp annoys her cuz its so ugly so she pushes him and then. 2 nd story in the beginning of Iliad says Zeus and Aphrodite were arguing and Hephaestus came in the middle and tried to stop Zeus and Hera from arguing by tellin
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