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CLA204H 7th class

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University of Toronto St. George
Betsy Bennett Purvis

May 29, 2013 CLA204 Classical Mythology Week 7 Autochthony and the Myths of Thebes MIDTERM Big themes-examples ex. social and cosmic order-can talk abt succession myth of Zeus and the myth of Pandora. Autochthony: Recall Deucalion and Pyrrha Autochthony: Things being born out of the ground spontaneously, no parents or genetic history Relates to Gaia since she’s earth, but really these things being born are not connected to her or anyone else, not bound to mistakes or good traits of ancestors. The ppl that come from the story of Deucalion are an entire race Idea of place/location very important-strongly connected linked to that place and everyone from there. Cecrops He spontaneously pop out of the ground, he was human on top bottom half was a snake. Snakes are often involved and linked to Autochthony. Somebody who took Athens and turned it from a wilderness into a city were proper worship of the gods was taking place, people used to practice human sacrifice, Cecrops ended this and told ppl it was wrong should sacrifice animals instead. Poseidon and Athena, salt print and olive tree=Athena wins. Marriage had to be monogamous, only 2 ppl, can’t have more then 1 spouse. Funeral rites. Responsible for structure of Athens, with buildings, temples and workshops that represent civilization. Athens knows the right way to interact with gods, humans interact with each other, marriage, and death all believed it was because of Cecrops that Athenians became civilized Erichthonius His birth is accidental. Hephaestus is sad cuz had marriage problems with Aphrodite, in this state of mind conceives passion for Athena who has no interest in him always a virgin, Athena runs he chases her limping, in his excitement ejaculates on Athena’s leg, wipes it off and throws piece of wool to the ground were Erichthonius is born. Image Gaia woman lifting baby, Hephaestus and daughter of Cecrops? Daughters of Cecrops, told by Athena not to open basket, they cant resist they open it, they see something not clear what they see, they go crazy in fear and fall to their deaths, some myths say he was half snake, other say normal human surrounded by snakes, other say it was just a snake that jumped out of them. The “Arrhephoroi”
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