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CLA204 8th class

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University of Toronto St. George
Betsy Bennett Purvis

May 31, 2013 CLA204 Classical Mythology Week 8 The Pelopidae The House of Atreus Midterm Online texts –goblets Ataphone-textbook under Thebes Ovid’s Metamorphosis. Can use any references from textbook Reciprocally same situations repeat themselves A New Theme: Reciprocity and Cyclicality Procris and Cephalus Daughters told not to look in basket go crazy throw themselves off the Atropolis and die. Another version of myth says that they lived. Cephalus is the son of one of the daughters he was handsome attracted attention of Aurora/Eos(dawn). Goddess of the don falls in love with him has affair together, he settles down and married Procris living in Athens happy together, he’s worried his wife will cheat on him, he tests her appears in many disguises pretends to be another man and she always says no except last time when he offers a crown and he agrees. He gets mad she’s terrified and runs away, she ends up on island of Crete, there she finds king Minos, he takes her in cuz she offers to solve a specific problem that he has, when he ejaculates its spiders and scorpions. She cures him of thisndisease as a token he gives her a hunting dog that always catches what it chases the 2 thing is a magical sphere that always hits the things that its thrown at. She feels more confident goes back to Athens, appears in disguise of a boy goes up to Cephalus and tries to convince him to sleep with him (even though she’s disguised as a boy) then he says ok if he gives her the dog and sphere, then they become faithful she gives him the gifts. She hears that Cephalus is seeing someone called Aura, he sneeks out early in morning says he’s hunting she doesn’t believe him so she follows him one day and hides in the bushes to see what he will do, Cephalus throws spear and kills his wife by accident. Turns out Aura person he was meeting is the wind, she dies for nothing. Helping friends and Harming Enemies She does something nice for king and he does something nice to her. She tricks her husband since her husband tricked her =reciprocity Tereus and Philomela (sister of Procne) Sisters-Philomela and Procne both from Athens. Procne gets married to Tereus they are happy but she misses her sister so she asks if her husband can bring her back to see her. He agrees and when he is escorting Philomela Tereus takes her into the forest and rapes her; he then cuts out her tongue so she won’t tell anyone. Doesn’t expect she will write, leaves her in a cave. Procne and Philomela Then Philomela finds a way to tell ppl what happened she weaves a tapestry that depicts what he has done to her and shows it to her sister who is horrified. Procne sees her husband as an enemy she owes him harm, cuts up her own son and serves May 31, 2013 him to her husband. Metamorphosis, gods take pity on trio and turns them all into different kinds of birds with distinctive cries. One nightingale, Philomela and Tereus become other types of birds. Oedipus Kills Laius Thebes founded on snake teeth, ppl violent by nature taints further generations. Ppl of house of Thebes refuse to accept their fate try to avoid it. Like Laius who wasn’t suppose to have sex with his wife and he does it anyway and is killed by him Oedipus your going to kill ur father and marry ur mother, he ignores that the oracle is necessary you cant avoid your fate and he does exactly what the gods said would happen Polyneices and Eteocles Kill Each Other(Oedipus’ Curse) Polyneices and Eteocles myth that the one that will survive has Odepis on his side neither do so they both die Creon Kills Antigone Haemon, defies him by burying her brother, and is condemned to be entombed alive as punishment. Creon finally relents after advice from the chorus leader (Choragos), after Tiresias tells him to bury the body. However, when Creon arrives at the tomb where she was to be interred, Antigone has already hanged herself rather than be buried alive. His son, Haemon, threatens him and tries to kill him but ends up taking his own life. You can be tainted by your ancestors. Gyges and King Candaules Herodotus tell this story history of kingdom of Lidia, Candaules is arrogant abt his hot wife ___ brags to Gyges who says probably shouldn’t but king insists the wife is getting undressed to go to bed, Gyges is hiding in the shadows on the right, he tries to be quite, queen notices him and says either you can kill Candaules and become king yourself, I don’t want 2 ppl who have seen my naked body or I will denounce you to the king and you will die. Gyges decides its better to live so he kills his friend Candaules. 5 generations later line that descends from Gyges are punished (below). Croeesus on the Pyre Oracle tells him a great empire will fall and he thinks that means Persia empire will die, about to be burned alive Croesus survives cuz Apollo sent down rain. Had to be punished for crime before. *Idea of reciprocity and twin idea of reciprocity when it happens more than once in generations or ppl committing the same crimes over and over. Prometheus is another example and the cycle of succession with Zeus. The Penelopidae, The House of Atreas (
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