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CLA204 12th class

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Betsy Bennett Purvis

June 10, 2013 CLA204 Week 12 Heracles: Man and God Weirdest Threesome Ever: Alcmene, Zeus and Amphitryon Alcmene-mortal mother married to Amphitryon-mortal father Alcmene tells Amphitryon that he has to go take vengeance for her brother by killing pirates meanwhile Zeus decides he likes Alcmene, Zeus disguised as Amphitryon brings spoils to show he defeated the pirates so Alcmene has sex with him. And then again 1hr later with her real husband who has returned she conceives twins, one half immortal son clearly from Zeus and other twin born from mortal father Amphitryon. Hera jealous finds out what happens determined to make it difficult for Alcmene, gets goddess of childbirth on her (Hera’s) side then she is tricked into allowing Alcmene to give birth (similar to Leo). Zeus says his son who is born today will be a mighty ruler, so Hera prevents Heracles from being born but makes sure his cousin is born on this day that way he gets to be the mighty ruler and not Heracles. Hera is good at long-term revenge scheme like Medea and Jason story. Hera sends snakes against baby Heracles and Iphicles Iphicle=not imp to remember he is the mortal son. Hera sends snakes, Iphicles screams doesn’t know what to do, Heracles even as a child picks up snakes and strangles them he is already strong beyond what you would expect from a grown up even though he’s only a child. The Milky Way when Heracles shows he has killed the lion, Eurystheus is so terrified that he runs away, so recognizing the rest of the labours will be scary as well he creates a bronze chamber to hide in. 2.Lernean Hydra (with Iolaus) Nephew son of his twin brother Iolaus, sidekick, hero quality, human companion. The two go after 9 headed Hydra snake when you cut off a head 2 more grow back th center 9 head is immortal. Heracles chops off heads and Iolaus burns stumps so cant grow back. Heracles chops off immortal head and hides it under a rock. *Dips his arrows in deadly poisonous arrows taken from Hydra 3.Ceryneian Deer Has to capture dear intact, know if you harm deer of Artemis things will be bad for you (ex. Oresteia-Agamemnon). When delivering deer bumps into Artemis and Apollo, asks if can borrow deer, they says its okay as long as Heracles brings it back (mortals would never get away with this but he does) captures deer brings deer to Eurysueus returns it to the woods. 4.Erymanthian Boar Dangerous Boar not sacred. Theseus has the same labour had to kill Crommyonian sow. Theseus labours could be copycats of Heracles labours to make him great. Heracles chases boar in snow bank it cant get out so he succeeds in capturing it. Side-deed –Pholus Encounters centaur Pholus typically centaurs are not friendly but there are exceptions like Pholus. Pholus is a hospitable host, Heracles is staying with him, Pholus has a cask of wine that he keeps away from other centaurs. Causes them to become violent. Heracles says give me wine, Heracles opens cask even though Pholus tells him bad things will happen. All centaurs show up thinking Heracles is steeling it. First example Heracles being bad guest doesn’t respect Xenia, not civilized behaviour. Pholus dies in process. Takes boar to Eurystheus. 5.Augean Stables Augeus has an enormous herd of cattle and has never cleaned the stables in his entire reign as King. Heracles doesn’t tell him he’s been assigned to do labour, Heracles says will clean it out in one day but that if he does that Augeus must give him one 3 of herd. Heracles diverts an entire river so it flows through stable cleans it out. Augeus doesn’t want to give herd. Heracles kills him and his entire family in retribution for going back on his promise. June 10, 2013 6. Stymphallian Birds. Beaks penetrate iron, wings shoot arrows. Athena gives his castanets terrible noise they fly out of forest and Heracles shots them with his arrows. (talks about locations of first 6 compared to last 6) 7. Cretan Bull Same bull that a woman fell in love with. Heracles captures bull rides it on sea to Eurystheus releases bull which settles somewhere where Theseus then kills the bull. Modeled Theseus’ labour closely with Heracles. 8.Horses of Diomedes Horses are flesh-eating horses, which belong to Diomedes Heracles defeats them by feeding them flesh of their own owner Diomedes. After feeding them they calm down and he can bring them to Eurystheus. Side deed- Alcestis, Heracles and Thanatos. Thanatos comes to lead Alcestis to the underworld. Heracles wrestles with death and brings women (Alcestis) back from the dead. Happens while journeying for horses. 9.Girdle of Hippolyta Theseus was with Heracles. Amazons go back and attack Athens. Heracles role in labour is minimal. Persuasive explains wants girdle and he gets it. Amazons-same category as beasts and monsters. They are women very war like, avoid marriage, have sex outside bounds of acceptable. Keep men as sex slaves. Only keep women babies kill boys. Violent, invert all stereotypes of Greeks. Not civilized creatures. Not imp-ppl though they meant women with no breast, that they cut off one breast to be better archers. Amazon is the female article plus the word man. So female man. (Last three labours goes to the ends of the world) 10. Cattle of Garyon Heracles not worried about defeating Garyon bigger problem is bringing cows from Italy to Greece. He’s walking across dessert, shoots arrow at the sun, if normal human this would be bad disrespecting son but Heracles is exceptional. Helius is amused forgives him and gives him what he needs to get cows back to Greece, a giant golden cup, which Heracles fits all the cattle in to bring back to Greece. Busiris Busiris was sterile and the oracle told him if he sacrificed a foreigner would be able to have a child so sacrifices every foreigner, Heracles allows himself to be taken to the altar but then releases himself and kills them all on altar. Xenia. June 10, 2013 Heracles Frees Prometheus 15 generations have passed since he was chained to rock, because he stole fire, gave back to humans even though Zeus had taken it away. Heracles feels sorry for him uses poison arrows to kill eagle, frees Prometheus from chains who tells him were apple are and says that Heracles cant get apples himself because then he will die. 11. Apples of the Herperides. Golden Apples. Zeus gave tree to Hera when they got married. Heracles doesn’t know where apple tree is so he wanders around asking ppl were he can find garden. Performs a number of side deeds Hercules asks Atlas to get apples, while Heracles holds up the world. Atlas gets around dragon that’s guarding apples, brings
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