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CLA204 14th class

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Betsy Bennett Purvis

June 14, 2013 CLA204 Week 14 What Happened to the Greeks After the Trojan War Euripes Trojan Women After war is over Greeks divide, gold, silver, livestock, & Trojan women to serve as slaves. Hecuba queen of city of Troy. Impersonal, insensitive, rolled dices to decide which Trojan women they (the Greeks) get. Agamemnon and Cassandra Cassandra goes home with Agamemnon and they both get killed by Clytemnestra. Andromache and Neoptolemus Neoptolemus slaughtered Priam. Andromache (wife of hector) is Neoptolemus’ slave. As a result of terrible things he has done is his death is caused in Delphi ambushed by Orestes son of Agamemnon. In her line of sight she is suffering th lose of her husband and child, expressing her pain. Death of Neoptolemus They both want to marry same woman. Neoptolemus deserved his death. Neoptolemus’ suffering is earned cuz of suffering he caused to others. Death of Polyxena Euripides / Hecuba Gradually finds out her children are dead. Greeks visited by Achilles ghost, he had been killed by Paris, appeared at tomb and demanded sacrifice of one of Trojan women. Polyxena is chosen, foreigners hold her up and her throat is cut over the altar. 1 part of play Polyxena and Hecuba stand together, tells Hecuba her daughter will be sacrificed, Hecuba is weeping pleas for daughters life, Polyxena is totally calm, brave doesn’t cry. 2 half of play finds out one son she though was safe who was sent away at beginning of war has also been killed. Hecuba, Polydorus and Polymestor Hecuba sent her son Polydorus to be taken care of by Polymestor. Sends Polydorus with large sum of gold is going to be taken care of even if they loose war. Polymestor realizes Trojan War, throws Polydorus into sea. Hecuba finds her sons body washed up on the seashore. Hecuba takes revenge on him kills 2 of his kids and blinds him with her own hands. Torn apart by grief. Lost many children in course of the war. Is this justified? Polymestor killed her son so she gets to kill his. No answer. Polymestor Prophecy Calls out a prophecy abt what will happen in the future. She thinks she’s goes to Greece as a slave. Says she will become a dog with fiery eyes. “Hounds Grave” Hecuba is a ruined woman in the myth turns into a dog falls in the sea and she becomes a landmark for sailors to navigate by. A rock formation. She was turned into part of landscape because of her grief. June 14, 2013 Death of Astyanax Son of Hector and Andromache. Greek warriors are worried he will take vengeance when he is older; they throw child off of the walls of troy and dies. End of Hector and Andromache’s blood line. The Lesser Ajax Raped Cassandra at statue of Athena that is supposed to guarantee her safety. Ajax ignores rules on the way home boasts abt what he’s done, Athena is pissed gets Zeus to throw a thunderbolt breaks ship in half. Ajax swims to shore manages to find a rock and says, haha gods can’t defeat me then Poseidon kills him with his triton. Helen and Menelaus in Sparta Menelaus has been harmed, wimpy, over reacts, he gets to go home and live out his life happy with Helen. Gets blown off course eventuallyends up in Egypt advised to seek and ask Proteus, how to please gods. Menelaus and Proteus All Menelaus has to do is ask Proteus a person, Proteus can turn into anything he is a shape shifter. Menelaus knows Proteus lives in a place were there are many seals Menelaus puts sealskin on him, lies down on beach and then jumps of Proteus and asks how to get home safely. Resumes his political responsibilities and his marriage doesn’t suffer. Journey of Odysseus *will be mentioned on final Covers end of war up to when he gets back in Ithaca and re-establishes himself as king. Not chronological order. On a ship sailing home from troy and every time lands in new place says a version of these words: My loyal comrades, stay here where you are. I’ll take my ship and my own company and try to find out who those people are, whether they are rough and violent, with no sense of law, or kind to strangers, with hearts that fear the gods. Tied into theme of Xenia, is he going to meet ppl who believe in being pious or are they going to be barbarians, does that mean he can break the rules since they don’t follow them. Constantly assessing people he meets. Tries to figure out how he can relate to the ppl he encounters. *Nostos=Greek word for Journeying home, Nostos story most famous is Odysseus longest and most interesting. Odysseus and the Cicones *know few examples of ppl he meets and general civilized ppl vs. savage ppl don’t need to know every person he runs into. In Thrace encounters non-Greek people Cicones they have no interest in being friends just want to steal their supplies, violent short lived. They take what they want not civilized encounter just fills ships with supplies. June 14, 2013 Odysseus and the Lotus-Eaters First ppl he meets. Plant makes ppl forget their homes and purpose lose desire to do anything. Plant might be marijuana. A number of Odysseus’ crew don’t want to go home all they want to do is eat these plants. Odysseus drags ppl away. Odysseus didn’t eat lotus. In Polyphemus’ Cave Exchange Odysseus has with Cyclopes Polyphemus, shows disregard. Him and his men end up wandering in Cyclopes cave sees he has cheese and sheep when Cyclopes comes home pulls rock so men can’t escape cave. Rather then opening civilized conversation asking who Odysseus is, first thing Cyclopes does is snatches 2 men smashes their heads and eats them. Not good hospitality. Odysseus devises way to escape. Odysseus noticed on his way to the cave, notices Cyclopes aren’t civilized they live all scattered don’t bake bread or make wine, sees he has an advantage over Cyclopes. Gives Cyclopes big flask of wine to drink straight becomes incredibly drunk and sleepy meanwhile Odysseus and his men sharpen spear and slashes it into Cyclopes eye so now he’s blind. Odysseus told Cyclopes his name was nobody. Polyphemus cries for help, Polyphemus says come help nobody’s hurting me so Cyclopes do nothing. Escape from the Cyclops Odysseus ties all his men to underbelly of sheep and as Cyclopes is letting his sheep out of the cave in the morning, Cyclopes opens door, Odysseus is last, clings to ram. They all escape. Poseidon’s Curse Cyclopes runs after them, breaks off top of mountain, throws it out at the sea, barely misses the ship, Odysseus decides he’s going to boast, yells out haha I beat you, my name is Odysseus and theirs nothing you can do abt it. Wave pushes ship back to shore, Cyclopes now knows who Odysseus is tells father Poseidon that Odysseus blinded him, Poseidon now hates Odysseus and vows never to let him get home. Aeolus and the Bag of Winds Aeolus is a civilized Greek guy who sits down with Odysseys they have dinner and explains their situation Aeolous puts bag filled with opposite winds as long as you do that wind will take u straight back to Ithaca, they see Ithaca in the distance. Odysseus gets sleepy falls asleep, hasn’t slept for days worrying that his crew would open bag. His crew thinks Odysseus is hiding gold in the bag, open bag of winds, all winds fly out and pushes ship back to Aeolus. Aeolus says you must be cursed by gods doesn’t help him anymore. The Laestrygonians Cannabilist giants. They eat Odysseus men and smash all but one of his ships. Corpses littering his path. Only has one ship left. June 14, 2013 Odysseus and Circe Witch aunt of Medea at first seems civilized, offers Odysseus’ men something to drink unfortunately his men turn into pigs doesn’t know what to do. Odysseus has help from gods, Hermes comes to him and gives him a herb to eat that makes him impervious to Circe, so he doesn’t turn into a pig then Circe helps Odysseus. Odysseus and his men spend an entire year on her island, eating, drinking, resting on island, finally men says lets go home and they set sail. Odysseus in the Land of the Dead Has to go to underworld. Odysseus figures out what he needs to know to make journey. The Sirens Half women half birds have seductive voices ambition is to make ships sink. Odysseus makes all of his men put wax in their ears so they cant hear what’s going on, they are oblivious. Odysseus orders his crew to bind him to the mask so he can hear the sirens, he gets to experience that temptation/seduction. This is an example of him not being a good leader in this instance. Scylla and Charybdis Caught between a
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